Backpacks, Daypacks, back packs, duffle bags, day packs
Backpacks, Day packs, Duffle bags and more at Discount Prices

Bags for Business, Travel, School, Sports, Biking, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, and More!

We sell quality Backpacks, Daypacks, Cargo Bags, Fanny Packs, Money Belts and a huge selection of rugged military style Duffle bags, Haversacks, Rucksacks and Parachute Bags.  Manufactured by World Famous, North 49, Rockwater Designs and Lugger.  FCSURPLUS has been selling these products from London Ontario Canada for over 20 years and our customers are worldwide!

Here is what our customers say !

Internal Frame Backpacks Internal Frame Backpacks, Internal Frame Pack

55 to 85 litre internal frame backpacks, ALICE packs, child carrier backpacks

Backpacks Backpack, back pack, packs, Backpacks at surplus prices!

Large packs without internal frames.

Daypacks Daypacks, student daypacks, back to school bag

Small backpacks designed for single day hikes or students in school

Cargo & Duffle BagsDuffle bags, cargo bags, waterproof bags

Lunch bags, compression sacks, rolling duffle bags, Folding Cooler Bags, duffle bags, Sports Equipment Bags, Rolling Backpacks

Military Style Bags Army duffle Bags, Military Bags, discount duffle bag

Ammo pouches, haversacks, rucksacks, army style duffle bags, cargo packs,

Waterproof Bags Waterproof Bags, Waterproof Duffle Bags, Waterproof Dry Sacks

Waterproof haversacks, day packs, back packs, dry sacks and duffle bags

Sports and Bike Bags Hydration Packs, sports bags, bike bags

Bike bags, hydration packs, hydra sacks, sports equipment bags

Money Belts & Pouches Money Belts, Travel Money Belt, Travel Belt

Cash belts and travel bags

Backpack Carabiners Money Belts, Travel Money Belt, Travel Belt

Ideal for attaching extra gear to backpacks

Business Bags camera bags, buisness bags, laptop backpack

Cell phone holsters, camera bags, compression sacks, attache cases, sunglass holders and more!

Fanny Waist Packs fanny waist packs, camera fanny pack, butt pack

Fanny waist packs in standard colours and camo patterns

Backpacking Tips

Backpackers Guide
Dozens of free tips on backpacking.

International Backpacking Association
Connect with other backpackers.

Backpackers Insurance
Travel insurance for backpackers.

Outdoor Resources Online
Backpacking information

Backpacking Travel Guide Links

Travelers Guide
Answers to common backpacking questions

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
Internationally recoginzed experts.

Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve

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Stuff Below

Internal Frame Backpacks

  • Akeyla Backpacks - Internal Frame pack, boys backpacks, womens internal frame backpack
  • Focus Internal Frame Backpacks - camping backpacks, internal frame backpacks
  • Scout 55 Internal Frame Packs - backpack for school, discount backpack, discount backpacking gear
  • Verde Internal Frame pack - outdoor backpacks, hiking packs, discount hiking backpacks
  • Eagle Internal Frame Backpacks - discount internal frame backpack
  • Boreal Trail Internal Frame Packs - discount backpacking gear, internal frame pack
  • Andromeda Internal Frame Backpack - discount backpacks, travel back packs, canadian backpacks
  • King Lion Internal Frame Backpack - discount backpack canada, hiking back packs
  • North 49 Child Carrier Backpacks - child carriers, child carrier back packs
  • Backpacks

  • Rockwater Boulder Backpack - camping backpack, canada backpack, nap sack for kids
  • Aspera Backpack - back to school backpacks, children's backpacks, womens backpack
  • North 49 Viper Backpack - student backpack, student daypack
  • Sequel Travel Packs - discount day pack, padded shoulder day pack
  • Excursion 95 Travel Packs - backpack buy, backpacks for sale
  • Uniflage Duffle Packs - cargo bags, camo backpack, child nap sack
  • Digital Camo backpacks - digital camouflage rucksacks, digital camouflage backsacks
  • Daypacks

  • Lugger Echo Day Pack - school backpack, school backpacks sale, hiking backpacks
  • Phantom DayPack - cool school daypacks, cool school backpack, small day packs
  • Expander Day Packs - school daypacks, travel backpack, hiking back packs
  • Side Kick Bag - high school backpack, outdoor backpack, hiking bag
  • North 49 Vibe Day Pack - day pack for students, backpack sale
  • Rockwater Designs Navigator Day Pack - padded back packs
  • Rockwater Mica Daypacks - child daypack, back to school bags
  • Cargo & Duffle Bags

  • Compression Bags and Compression Sacks - dicount luggage, business traveler.
  • Folding Organizer - business bag, business organizer
  • Rolling Duffle Bags - small duffle bags, travel duffle bags
  • G.I. Duffle Bags - large duffel bags, equipment bag
  • Olive Zippered Canvas Duffle Bags - travel bag, extra large duffle bag
  • G.I. Back-Duffle Bag - Military bags, padlocked bags, military specification bags
  • Canvas Sports Equipment Bags - sport duffle bag, sports bag
  • Square Cargo Duffel Bags - extra extra large duffle bags
  • Lugger® Round Duffle Bags - equipment duffle bag
  • 22 inches Uniflage camouflage Duffle bags - army duffel bags
  • 28 inches Uniflage camouflage Duffle bags - waterproof duffel bags
  • Military Style Bags

  • Ammunition Pouches - Olive Green with belt loops
  • British NATO army Pouches - small pouches, army green color
  • World Famous Black Haversacks - discount haversack, shoulder strap
  • World Famous Olive Green Haversacks - cheap back pack, army green color
  • WH5 Giant Web Haversacks - large haversacks, canvas backpack
  • Black GI Style Army Duffle Bags - black duffle bag, discount luggage
  • Olive Drab GI Style Military Duffle Bag - large duffel bag, water resistant duffle bag
  • Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tool Kit Bags - U.S. army issue tool kit, cotton canvas bag
  • Adjustable Strap Web Rucksacks - travel rucksacks, travel pack, back to school backpacks
  • Military rucksacks - military bag olive green, cheap ruck sacks, ruck sack
  • Large Black GI Style military Duffel Bag - gym bag, hockey bag, hockey duffle bag
  • Olive Drab GI Style military Duffle Bag - great for a hockey equitment bag
  • Authentic Used German Military Dispatch Case - brown leather case
  • Black Canvas Parachute Bag - cotton canvas black bag, canvas equipment bag
  • Olive Canvas Parachute Bag - gym bag, hockey dufflebag, military backpacks
  • Heavy Duty Militia Rucksacks - backpack for school children
  • Heavy Duty NATO Rucksack - school bag, army rucksack, army bag
  • Olive Drab Militia Rucksacks - cotton canvas bag, kid school backpack
  • Black Paratrooper Bag - sports bag, students needing a back pack
  • Olive Drab Paratrooper Bag - large bag that is ideally used as a sports bag
  • Black G.I. Style New Issue Duffle bags - large duffle bag, cheap duffle bag
  • Black Rucksacks - school back pack, military rucksack
  • Camouflage Rucksacks - Camouflage bags
  • German Military Style Alpine Rucksacks - school back pack
  • Giant Deluxe Canvas Duffle Bags - canvas equipment bag, hockey bag
  • Olive Wash Rucksacks - school bag, school pack
  • Top Loading Bundes Rucksacks - German military style backpak
  • Heavy Duty Cargo Packs - day hikes backpack, school bag
  • Tactical Vest -
  • Swat team Style Tactical Back Packs - swat equitment backpacks
  • Swat Style Tactical Load Bearing Vests - swat vests
  • Large ALICE Packs - alice backpack
  • Small Marine Duffle bags - small duffle bag
  • Medium Marine Duffle bags - sports bag
  • Large Marine Duffle bags - discount duffel bag
  • Waterproof Bags

  • Wildwater Dufflebags - waterproof duffle bags, waterproof duffel bag
  • Small Waterproof Dry Sacks - waterproof storage bag
  • Large Waterproof Dry Sacks - waterproof bag
  • Camouflage Waterproof Backpacks - canoeing bag
  • Riverpack Waterproof Backpack - waterproof back pack canada
  • Waterproof Haversack - waterproof duffel bag
  • Sports and Bike Bags

  • Mountain Bike Handlebar Bags - bike bags
  • N49 Hydra Sack - water bag, hiking equitment
  • Fishermans hydration packs - discout hydration packs canada
  • Hydra Cycle II Pack - discount hydrapack
  • Oasis Hydration Packs - hydration back packs
  • Wadi Hydration Packs - kid backpack hydration
  • Canvas Sports Equipment Bags -
  • North 49 AQUA Trail Hydration Packs - the north 49 hydration pack
  • Hydra Cycle III Hydration Packs -
  • North 49 Hydra Plus Hydration Packs -
  • Money Belts & Pouches

  • 100% Cotton Super Stash Pouches - money pouch, travel pouch
  • 100% Cotton Traveller’s Neck Pouches - money holder
  • Passport Carriers - passport pouch
  • Adjustable Nylon Money Belts - money belt, travel belt
  • Travel Bags - business travel bag, travel pack
  • Cash Belts - travel money belt, man money belt, woman money belt
  • Business Bags

  • Cell Phone Holster - cell phone case
  • Cell Phone Organizers - cell phone carrying case
  • Travel Kit Bags - business travel bag, business travel kit, executive bag
  • Compression Bags - nylon travel bag
  • Camera Bags - camera case bags
  • Deluxe Thermal Lunch Box - insulated lunch bag for hot lunches
  • North 49 Over the Shoulder Bag - padded back back pack, padded backpack, padded bag
  • Aluminum Attache Cases - metal attache cases, metal attache cases, lawyer briefcases, attorney briefcases, discount briefcases
  • Fanny Waist Packs

  • North 49 Cadiz Fanny Pack - hiking fanny pack
  • Opus Fanny Pack - larger fannypack for day hikes
  • Folder Fanny Pack - fanny pack or wallet, fanny bags
  • Genuine Cowhide Whistler Fanny Packs - stylish leather fanny pack
  • Overload Organizer Fanny Pack - Large fanny pack with removable compartments
  • Trail Fanny Belt Packs - fanny pack water bottle, belly bags
  • Tactical Fanny Pack - fanny pack holster, Tactical Fannypack, best fannypack

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