Coghlan's® Emergency Preparedness Kits

Store this in your trunk and be ready for accidents, ice storms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes

Stock #: 350211
The perfect size for storing in the trunk of your car!

22 Piece Kit Contains
  • Four 8 hour emergency candles
  • Two 12 hour light sticks
  • One 37 piece first aid kit
  • Four disposable hand warmers
  • One bottle of water purification tablets
  • Two emergency rain ponchos
  • Two 36 hour survival candles
  • Two emergency blankets
  • Two 6 hour camp cookers
  • One adjustable angle headlight (requires 4 AA batteries sold separately)
  • One handy reusable storage box
  • Pack of matches
  • Kit contains brand new products!
Also great for emergencies at home!

Only $44.95 each
approx  US $35.81 each

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Coghlan's® Emergency Preparedness Kits
Coghlan's® Emergency Preparedness Kits
Coghlan's® Emergency Preparedness Kits
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