Biodegradable Camp Soap by Coghlan's®

Great for hands, face, body, hair, greasy pots, pans, dishes, utensils, clothing, packs and tents!

Stock #: 350024
  • Effectively cleans anything
  • Washable in all water types and temperatures
  • Organic
  • Non toxic
  • PH Balanced
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Harmless residue
  • Fast acting
  • 2 Fluid ounces (59 ml)
  • Compare Prices with a similar item
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
Only $2.99 each
approx  US $2.37 each

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Biodegradable Camp Soap by Coghlan's®
Biodegradable Camp Soap by Coghlan's®
Biodegradable Camp Soap by Coghlan's®
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