Coghlan's® Camp Towels

Lightweight and super absorbent camp towels

Stock #: 350027
  • Allows for Quick Drying and gives you a refreshing feeling
  • Lightweight and Handy for Traveling
  • Eliminates Heavy Wet Towels
  • Ideal for Camping, Workouts, and Traveling
  • Useful as a towel, dishcloth, potholder, washcloth or emergency bandage
  • Absorbs 10 times it's weight in water
  • Made from 50% acrylic / 50% rayon
  • Simply wring it out and it is instantly ready for reuse
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Dimensions: 40" × 18" (102 × 45 cm)
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

Coghlan's® Camp Towels
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