14-Foot Emergency Tow Ropes

Super strong and lightweight poly braid design handles loads up to 6500-pounds!

Stock #: 403032
  • Lets you use the power of a free vehicle to pull stuck vehicles
  • Ideal for car owner, boat owner, farmer, home owner, anyone who needs a tow
  • Pays for itself many times over. Costs a fraction of the cost of getting your car towed by a tow truck.
  • Stronger than chain !
  • Poly braid design provides extra super strength !
  • Handles loads up to 6500 LBS (approx.)
  • Excellent stretch to absorb sudden shock
  • Heavy-duty forged metal hooks
  • Reinforcing plastic guards to prevent damage to the ends of rope (the area that takes the most strain)
  • 100% rot resistance and handy to store
  • Size: 5/8-inch in diameter x 14-feet long
  • Brand new product!
  • Similar product selling at a big box store for $13.99!

14-Foot Emergency Tow Ropes
14-Foot Emergency Tow Ropes
14-Foot Emergency Tow Ropes
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