14x48 Feet 13 Mil Large Billboard Tarps

Huge tarps made from high quality 13 Mil industrial strength vinyl!

Stock #: 172001
The strength of these billboard tarps comes from the durable vinyl material measured at 13 mil, at least three times thicker than a regular blue tarp from Home Depot. A standard blue tarp weighs approximately 2.75 oz. per square yard, our tarps weigh 13 ounces per square yard! When billboard manufacturers select material for a billboard, they need something that can last outdoors, unprotected for months in any kind of weather. What they use is an industrial-strength vinyl, a strong material that's perfect for a variety of uses. At 672 square feet, this durable tarp costs hundreds of dollars to manufacture. With channels on all 4 of the sides, they are easy to slide poles into or tie down - grommets can also be easily added. A vast majority of the tarps are black on one side, but a few of them are white as well. Sorry, but we can not specify what advertisement you will receive on your tarp. We ask you to please keep the ad side of the tarps down during use in order to respect the advertisers' wishes. The large size and strength mean this tarp can be used for myriad purposes: Industrial: covering large items that can't be moved indoors, or entire trucks. Farming: covering hay bales or equipment. Private use: lining pools or ponds, etc. Emergency: They can also be used for temporary roof patches, for homes damaged by fire, hurricane, tornado or the like. Miscellaneous: We've had customers use these for large, outdoor movie projection screens and Slip & Slides as well! You can paint them on the blank side, or cut them into smaller tarps. The possibilities are endless!

  • The marketing messages may have changed, but these used billboards are still in great condition
  • This vinyl is built to last 5+ years outdoors so there is plenty of life left in them at only a fraction of the cost of similar new material
  • Industrial strength
  • Over 3 times thicker then regular 3 mil tarps! (13 mil thickness)
  • A standard blue poly tarp weighs approximately 2.75 oz. per square yard. The billboard tarps weigh 9 ounces per square yard!
  • UV Protected
  • Anti-mildew design
  • Tear and wear resistant
  • Middle polyester mesh layer eliminates tearing and fraying and allows the material the ability to flex
  • Flame retardant
  • One side features an advert, the other side is black
  • Grommets can be easily added
  • Total weight: approximately 35-pounds
  • Black coloured backing
  • In great condition, with only some minimal normal wear associated with outdoor signage
  • When you buy re-used material you're helping the environment too. By Re-using this vinyl you are keeping millions of pounds of waste from reaching landfills and are eliminating the energy need for manufacturing new material
  • Can be glued together with a vinyl adhesive/cement
  • Used by farmers, contractors, DNR (Department of Natural Resources), FEMA, US Government, schools, exporters, boat storage facilities, and many more personal uses
  • We do not accept returns on this product

Great for
  • Used for everything from military applications to protecting hay on farms
  • Covering boats, cars, trucks, ATVs, farm equipment, machinery
  • Protecting firewood
  • Temporary roof patches, for homes damaged by fire, hurricane's, tornado's, or other natural disasters
  • Mobile home covers
  • Warehouse dividers
  • Drop Cloths
  • Gym Floor Covers
  • Protecting anything that is to large to be moved indoors easily
  • Vapor barriers
  • Gardeners are even finding benefits of protecting the nitrogen in their garden
  • Many more uses

14x48 Feet 13 Mil Large Billboard Tarps
14x48 Feet 13 Mil Large Billboard Tarps
14x48 Feet 13 Mil Large Billboard Tarps
14x48 Feet 13 Mil Large Billboard Tarps
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