Wireless Door Chime Kits

Signal reaches up to 150 feet away

Stock #: 811018
  • Signal passes through doors, walls, and floors. No wiring needed.
  • 128 selectable codes that allow you to expand your system and prevent outside interference
  • Push button doorbell is weather resistant
  • Doorbell can be mounted with screws or double faced tape
  • Doorbell is powered by a 12-volt alkaline battery (type: MN21 or A23)
  • Doorbell has a front or rear door chime selection
  • Quality doorbell sound
  • Choose between the 8 note Westminster or 2 note chime melody for the front door. Back door is a 1 note chime.
  • Beautifully designed chime with wood casing
  • This is a refurbished item
Only $17.95 each
approx  US $14.36 each

(U.S. currency info)

Wireless Door Chime Kits
Wireless Door Chime Kits
Wireless Door Chime Kits
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