LED Emergency Flashlights

Red blinking LED light option for emergency situations

Stock #: 830040
  • Great for in the car, garage, camping, emergency or household use
  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • Magnetic back tip
  • "D" ring for hanging
  • 9 White LED Flashlight
  • 18 White LED Flood light
  • 8 Red LED on Flood light for emergency signal (ideal for vehicle breakdown situations).  As there is no flame these are much safer than road flares.
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries - Included
  • 3 Button modes:
    • Floodlight
    • Flashlight
    • Blinking emergency red LED on floodlight
  • Comes in Black or Silver
  • Brand new product!
Only $6.99 each
approx  US $5.54 each

(U.S. currency info)

LED Emergency Flashlights
LED Emergency Flashlights
LED Emergency Flashlights
LED Emergency Flashlights
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