Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks

The perfect backpack for 2 to 3 day hikes

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Carrying a load on your back with poor posture can more than double the pressure on your disks while standing or walking. Obus Forme provides the solution by reducing this postural stress while you carry your backpack.

"The Obus Forme® Comfort Support System™ is ergonomically designed to carry the load in your backpack closer to your center of gravity, allowing for more upright posture. The weight of the load is transferred from the smaller muscles in your back and shoulders to the more powerful muscles of your legs and trunk,making the load feel lighter” - Dr. Daniel Yaron, Chiropractor

  • Obus Forme Comfort Support System backpacks are scientifically designed by the back experts at Obus Forme with ergonomics in mind to provide you with a more comfortable backpacking experience
  • Comfort Foam/Air Mesh helps to relieve pressure points on your back while also allowing air to flow through.
  • Waist strap that comfortably secures the backpack to your body and prevents the load from shifting. The strap also helps with the lumbar support system for lower back support
  • Lumbar Support Pad that provides support for lower back
  • Polyethylene boards to keep the backpack rigid to help support the load. The second board is positioned to keep the load of the bag closer to your back
  • Side Compression Straps compacts the load and helps to draw the pack tightly to your body
  • Shoulder Clinch Straps lets you pull he pack tightly to your body, preventing the load from dropping to low and backwards
  • Contoured Shoulder Straps increase comfort and support around the shoulders and chest
  • Sternum Strap prevents the straps from slipping off your shoulders for a more comfortable fit
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds when empty
  • Backpack can be expanded in case you need to carry more gear
  • Size (when stuffed full): 7 inches deep x 18 inches high x 10 inches wide
  • Water repellent outer fabric
  • Large main storage compartment
  • Wide padded waist strap
  • Internal pocket and access hole for 2 litre hydra sacks (hydra sack sold separately)
  • External attachment straps for attaching additional gear
  • Capacity: 40 litres
  • Brand new product!

Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks
Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks
Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks
Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks
Obus Forme® Cherry 40-Litre Hiking Backpacks