Sled Dogs Snowskates

Like skiing, but without those bulky skis!

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Much safer for those learning to ski as there are no long skis to get tangled causing possible leg or knee injuries!

See snowskates in action! Very cool video!

  • Be more agile on the slopes
  • These are a crossover design between ski boots and skates!
  • Never tried skiing before - No Problem - Snow skating is fun and easy to learn even if you've never skated or skied before!
  • Metal edges on side of ski blade
  • Gives you more agility in comparison to traditional skiing
  • Basically ski boots with short ski's on the bottom
  • Fits in your car easier than skis
  • Made in Italy
  • Sizes: Small (U.S. Men's Sizes 4.5 - 7, women's 6 - 8), Medium (Men's Sizes 7 - 9.5, women's 8 - 11), Men's 8, Men's 9, Men's 10, Men's 12. Want a smaller size? This similar snowskate comes in smaller sizes.
  • Unbelievable price -- while surplus inventory lasts!
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's original packaging!
  • Far less expensive than traditional skis!  Less than the cost of 2 days of ski rentals at many slopes.
  • Vintage models at HUGE surplus savings!
  • Looking for the newest model? Click here for the newest model.

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Sled Dogs Snowskates
Sled Dogs Snowskates
Sled Dogs Snowskates
Sled Dogs Snowskates
Sled Dogs Snowskates
Sled Dogs Snowskates
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