USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs

Never have cold coffee again!

Stock #: 183058
  • Includes coffee mug and USB hot plate

  • Coffee Mug Features:
    • 16-Ounce capacity
    • Twist-off plastic mug with thumb-slide closure
    • Double-wall construction using stainless steel with plastic liner
    • Large plastic handle with comfortable thumb rest

  • Hot Plate Features:
    • Keeps your hot drinks warm at 60 degrees Celsius
    • Metal 3-inch diameter plate
    • Can be used with most coffee mugs with a base diameter smaller than 3 inches
    • The use of USB plug can be shared with computers
    • Can be used with a USB transformer (transformer should be 5 volt, 1000mA)
    • Can also be run off the 5 volt DC power outlet (power adapter not included)
    • On/off button
    • Hotplate is very well insulated, in order to prevent burns

  • Perfect for home, office and more!
  • For Dad's office, den, workshop, or rec room
  • Brand new surplus product!
Only $7.99 per set
approx  US $6.33 per set

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USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs
USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs
USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs
USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs
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