Liquid Transfer Siphon and Air Pump Kits

Siphon water, gasoline, oil, and other liquids 

Stock #: 243046
An easy-to-use siphon kit for when you need to pump out any liquid quickly, without spill or mess. Simply place the hose into the nozzles in the siphon and use the pump quickly and effectively for whatever your need may be. For the transfer of oil, use the black dipstick tube included. Use the air pumping adapter to inflate tires.

  • Stale gas can cause expensive engine failure
  • Using the siphon kit allows you to re-use the gasoline and is more environmentally friendly than dumping
  • Intake and discharge transfer system
  • Transfers liquids rapidly
  • Pumps air or any liquid
  • When pumping gas or other flammable liquids, avoid sparks and/or open flames or splash onto hot surfaces. Serious injury or property damage could result
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
  • Compare prices with a similar product
Kit Includes
  • Transfer pump/infiltrator
  • 2 hoses (each 50-inches/127cm long)
  • Air pumping adapter kit
See how easy it is to use!

Liquid Transfer Siphon and Air Pump Kits
Liquid Transfer Siphon and Air Pump Kits
Liquid Transfer Siphon and Air Pump Kits
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