Jelly Belly® Bean-boozled Game

37 million views on YouTube for Bean-
boozled Challenge videos!

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Use the spin wheel to decide what bean you eat. Will it taste great or gross? Bamboozle the kids, family, friends, or just about anyone. It's a game and a candy all in one. Take the dare with the spinner wheel, then pick the jelly bean in the color the spinner lands on. It's a dare for intrepid jelly bean eaters to take their chances on tasting lookalike wild or mild flavors. If you happen to get a Booger-flavored bean instead of Juicy Pear - you've been Bean-Boozled! Double and triple dare adventuresome players. Each 3.5-ounce box includes the Bean-Boozled jelly beans and a colorful spinner.Jelly Belly Bean-Boozled jelly beans are a collection of 16 lookalike flavours, some will taste bad, while others are the delicious Jelly Belly beans you love.

  • A box of candy and game all in one! Will you get a tasty treat, or will you be Bean-Boozled?
  • 37 million views on Youtube for Bean- boozled Challenge videos! WILL YOU GET A TASTY TREAT, OR WILL YOU BE BEAN-BOOZLED?

  • Flavours include:
    • Stinky Socks - Tutti-Fruitti
    • Lawn Clippings - Lime
    • Rotten Egg - Buttered Popcorn
    • Toothpaste - Berry Blue
    • Vomit - Peach
    • Dog Food - Chocolate Pudding
    • Booger - Juicy Pear
    • Baby Wipes - Coconut
    • Moldy Cheese - Caramel Corn
    • Skunk Spray - Licorice

  • Includes spinner with pictures of the variety of beans to choose from
  • Kids love it!
  • 3rd edition with 2 new flavours
  • Contains 100 grams of jelly beans
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
  • While supplies last!
  • Limit 2 per customer
  • Compare prices with a similar product
See how much fun the Bean-Boozled challenge can be!

Jelly Belly® Bean-boozled Game
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