U.S. Army Paracord Belts

The most practical way to keep 60 feet of paracord on you

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Paracord is great for
  • Replacement shoe laces
  • Animal snare trap
  • Dog lead
  • Emergency suture
  • Making a bow drill
  • Fishing line (be sure to break apart the paracord to the inner layers for this one)
  • Hanging lanterns
  • Hanging food out of reach of animals
  • Make suspenders to keep your pants up
  • Hanging pots over a fire
  • Improvised slings or tourniquet
  • Carrying gear (if you're in a situation where you don't have a backpack)
  • Rappelling in emergency situations
  • Bundling firewood together
  • Replacement pull cord for small gas engines
  • Making improvised stretchers (in combination with thick wooden sticks)
  • and many more uses!

  • Unravels up to 60 feet of paracord
  • Paracord rope belt can be unbraided for use in emergencies, camping, and many more situations
  • U.S. Army emblem on the belt clasp
  • Officially licensed by the U.S. Army
  • Tough stainless steel metal belt buckle
  • Fits waists of up to 46-inches
  • 52-inches long and 1.375-inches wide
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  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
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U.S. Army Paracord Belts
U.S. Army Paracord Belts
U.S. Army Paracord Belts
U.S. Army Paracord Belts
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