Buckshot® 19-inch Khukuri-style Machetes

Get more from your blade with this Nepalese inspired machete

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  • Can be used for clearing, chopping firewood, digging, and opening cans
  • Curved blade made of black steel
  • The smaller part of the blade can function as a smaller knife if needed
  • Larger tip can function as an axe or shovel
  • Handle with large metal handguard allows for both 2-handed chopping and one handed use
  • Heavy-duty nylon sheath with extra-large belt loop
  • An angled blade means you can cut deeper without angling your wrist, making the Khukuri more ergonomic than the standard machete
  • Weight: 2.2-pounds
  • Total Length: 19-inches
  • Blade Length: 13-inches
  • Brand new product!
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Buckshot® 19-inch Khukuri-style Machetes
Buckshot® 19-inch Khukuri-style Machetes
Buckshot® 19-inch Khukuri-style Machetes
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