Twinstar Home® Powerheat Infrared Rolling Mantel Quartz Electric Fireplaces

With elegant walnut wood cabinet and energy efficient infrared quartz heat

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InfraRed Quartz Heaters are safe and energy-efficient heaters that evenly distribute warmth in any room. A high-velocity, whisper-quiet fan circulates air through the heater at 2 meters per second. The air then enters the heat chamber where it passes over dual copper heat exchangers that are heated by PowerHeat infra quartz heater elements. Heat from the copper combines with the humidity in the room to provide soft, moist, even heat without using up any oxygen. This heater is safe to use around children and pets because during the heating process the unit remains cool to the touch.

  • Add a rustic fireplace to your home, office or restaurant without the need for a chimney
  • Realistic glowing flame and log with ember bed effects
  • 5 different options for colour scheme, flame intensity, and speed of flame flicker
  • Casters on bottom of unit roll in any direction, allowing it to be easily rolled into different rooms
  • Temperature range of between 17C to 27C
  • Can also be set to generate continuous heat
  • Flame effect provides a warm ambiance with or or without activating the heating element
  • Heats rooms up to 1,000 square feet in size
  • Temperature can be controlled using the digital thermostat with LED display (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Timer can be set to automatically shut down unit
  • Heater is housed in a lovely walnut wood cabinet with real wood and solid hardwood veneers
  • Safer plug Fire prevention technology constantly monitors the temperature of the plug and will shut the heater down if it overheats, restarting the heater after it has cooled down
  • Cool to the touch when operating
  • Save on energy costs by only heating the rooms you're in
  • Size: 25-inches wide x 24-inches high x 10-inches deep
  • Voltage: 120-volts AC
  • 1500 watts of warmth
  • Model: 18IRM905-W500
  • CSA approved in Canada and USA
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  • Fully tested US Big Box store surplus product with some possible minor scratches and dents at HUGE surplus savings!
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Twinstar Home® Powerheat Infrared Rolling Mantel Quartz Electric Fireplaces