Flashing LED Deep-Diving Fishing Lure

Banned in some U.S. States for catching too many fish!

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  • Three fishermen using a LED flashing lure in Mexico caught 650 large-mouth bass in just 25 hours. That’s a bass every seven minutes for each person, and a record for the lake they were fishing. They said the bass struck with such ferocity they hardly lost a strike.
  • Three fishermen in Washington State used a popular lure baited with shrimp and caught nothing after fishing three hours in cold weather. One of them tried a flashing lure he was asked to test and 30 minutes later caught a thirty-pound steelhead.
  • In Florida two professionals fished for four hours from the same boat. One used a flashing-red lure; the other used some top-selling U. S. lures. The new, "bleeding” lure caught three times as many fish.
  • A Tournament fisherman on a lake in Florida tried everything in his tackle box and had no bites. He switched to an LED flashing lure and caught a bass on his first cast, and had his limit in 45 minutes.
  • Fishing authorities in Wyoming banned this lure because it gives fishermen too much of an advantage.

  • This new hard bait blinks a blood-red light to simulate injury. Fish can't resist the thought of an easy meal of an injured fish and strike
  • Suitable for both salt & freshwater fishing
  • Can dive to depths of 10 to 15-feet underwater
  • Water activated to save battery life - no switches required!
  • Light will last up to 200 hours
  • Light can be deactivated simply by removing the lure from the water and wiping it off with a drying cloth
  • LED and lure colour: Red
  • Tiger striping on the top of lure makes it look more like a real fish
  • Length: 8-cm
  • Very effective in low light conditions such as dark water, early morning, late evening, and deep water situations.
  • This lure has been used to catch Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, Mackerel, Pike, Trout, Bass, and Walleye
  • Includes 2 interior non-replaceable high-quality batteries
  • The lure's technology has been banned in Wyoming because it caught too many fish
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

Get it now before it's banned in Ontario!

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Flashing LED Deep-Diving Fishing Lure
Flashing LED Deep-Diving Fishing Lure
Flashing LED Deep-Diving Fishing Lure
Flashing LED Deep-Diving Fishing Lure
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