Canadian Army Surplus Arctic Mukluk Boots

Rugged army-tough cold weather boots!

Stock #: 300011
  • Some of the most affordable winter footwear you will find!
  • Made to the toughest military specifications
  • Not found in any wimpy department stores
  • You can bet the military paid a bundle for each pair of these boots
  • High-traction sole for better grip on ice
  • White-coloured
  • Draw-string at top keeps snow out
  • Wool insert keeps your feet warm
  • Assorted adult sizes
  • Available sizes change with every shipment as they are army surplus
  • These are used combat boots with normal signs of wear and discolouration

Only $29.95 per pair
approx  US $23.30 per pair

(U.S. currency info)

This product is not available for online ordering.

Canadian Army Surplus Arctic Mukluk Boots