Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup

Made for Legion of Quebec with real maple syrup!

Stock #: 650002
  • Easy to prepare (just open the tin, spoon out into a bowl, heat, and serve)
  • Requires only 90 seconds of heating in the microwave. Great for families with limited time to have a healthy dinner.
  • Very popular for nights you have to take the kids to soccer or baseball practices or games
  • Makes a great side dish
  • Made with hardy white beans in a sweet maple syrup sauce
  • Every one cup serving provides you with
    • 57 grams of carbohydrates to provide you with energy
    • 40% of your recommended daily fiber
    • 30% of your recommended daily iron
    • 10% of your recommended daily calcium
    • 10% of your recommended daily potassium
    • 290 calories
    • 13g of protein (great for vegetarians looking for a source of protein)
    • No cholesterol!
  • Maple syrup provides a natural sweetener
  • Watertight design and high carbohydrate content makes this a popular choice for people on canoe and kayaking trips
  • A popular addition to many recipes
  • Each can contains 398mL
  • Approximately 10% less calories than Heinz brand baked beans in sauce with maple syrup
  • Contains no trans fats and one third less saturated fat then Our Compliments brand baked beans with maple syrup
  • May contain soya beans
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

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Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup
Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup
Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup
Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup
Can of Libby's® Baked Beans in Maple Syrup
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