World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet

Ideal for emergency shelters/survival bunkers, camping, fishing, and hunting

Stock #: 311209
  • No toilet nearby? Have this toilet come to you
  • Made of durable HDPE (high density polyethylene construction) plastic
  • Self-contained design
  • Durable tank design for easy waste disposal
  • 10 litre fresh water holding tank and 20 litre capacity waste holding tank
  • Waste container and seat compartment can be separated for easier transportation during waste disposal
  • Large Valve on waste tank for easy disposal and cleaning
  • Pump flush system requires no electricity
  • Hinged cover and seat
  • Handy carry handle on rear
  • Bathroom reading material not included
  • Size of toilet: 16.5-inches x 14.5-inches x 17-inches
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
Great for...
  • Anyone with only one toilet in their home
  • Bunkers (expert survivalists know that when the crap hits the fan, you should make sure you have a place to go in your bunker/shelter)
  • Emergency sanitation solution
  • People with medical conditions that have trouble making it all the way to the bathroom
  • Want a bathroom outside? Use this instead of building and digging an outhouse
  • Problem with the toilet in your RV or trailer? Use this until you can get it repaired
  • Underground mining camps
  • Anywhere that has trouble accessing water

World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet
World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet
World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet
World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet
World Famous® 20L Portable Toilet
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