Kidde® Talking Smoke Alarm and CO2 Detector

Voice warning system tells you if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. World's most accurate carbon monoxide detector. 

Stock #: 993298
Why should I choose this model? Peace of mind. This "smart-combo" alarm is suitable for all living areas. Its exclusive voice warning system eliminates confusion by telling you if it has detected smoke or carbon monoxide or if your batteries need replacing.

  • Protects you against two deadly threats (Carbon monoxide and smoke/fire) detection
  • World's most accurate CO (Carbon Monoxide) sensor
  • Peak level memory alarm alerts you if CO levels (above 100ppm) were detected while you were away
  • Voice system is perfect for people with who are tone deaf to the pitches used in traditional smoke detectors
  • Eliminates confusion between alarms and low battery notifications with individual voice anouncements for each
  • 85dB Alarm
  • Proven detection element with a permanent ionization sensor that is ideal for detecting fast flame fires
  • Great for the kitchen
  • Hush button temporarily silences the alarm
  • Test button and LED verify operation
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Complies with standards from
    • Underwriters Laboratories
    • California State Fire Marshal
    • Housing and Urban Development
    • Federal Housing Authority
    • National Fire Protection Agency
  • Front-load battery door allows you to replace the batteries without having to take down the entire unit
  • Battery powered design means:
    • it's easy to install (hard wired models require professional installation)
    • You can install it in areas that are the best for detecting smoke like ceilings
    • It works during a power outage
  • Requires 2 AA batteries sold separately
  • Compare prices
  • Protect your loved ones for less!
  • Open box big box store surplus product at huge savings!

Kidde® Talking Smoke Alarm and CO2 Detector
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