WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters

Watch this fun prank video! These toys are a riot! 

Stock #: 255004
Sorry, but due to high demand we have ran out of the Snitch model. The manufacturer has also ran out of stock of both models and does not expect to receive more until the new year.

These toys are a riot! Watch this fun prank video!

  • A crazy toy that does not even require batteries!
  • Very easy to use
  • Has three different modes for popping up:
    • Button mode (push the button to activate pop-up)
    • Timer Mode (wind up timer to pop up in up to 10 seconds
    • Wire Mode (Pull wire to make the sneekum hide and pop up)
  • Two models are available: Snitch (the grey one) and Jitters (the brown one)
  • Includes putty to stick the sneekum anywhere
  • Sorry, we only have the Jitters model at this time.
  • For ages 6 and up
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
  • Limit 4 per customer
  • While supplies last!
  • The same product is selling elsewhere online for $45!
This five-minute video shows you some simple, easy ways to stage your own pranks!

WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters
WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters
WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters
WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters
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