Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter

Makes veggie spaghetti, stir-fries, Juliennes, and more!  Great for cutting carbs!

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See it in action!

  • Great for Zucchini, Squash, Carrots, Cucumbers, and Potatoes!
  • Quick and easy to use!
  • Enjoy perfect, delicious veggie pasta without all of the carbs! A bowl of regular wheat based pasta has 800 calories and 160 grams of carbs, Veggetti zucchini pasta has only 60 calories and 8 grams of carbs!
  • Great for stir-fry, salads, hashbrowns, and potato pancakes too!
  • Sneak finely cut extra veggies in a sandwich to make it healthier
  • Gourmet recipe guide included!
  • Dual stainless-steel cutting blades
  • Thick cutting blade for thick fettuccine-style noodle cuts
  • Thin cutting blade for thin strands
  • Durable food-grade plastic body
  • Dishwasher safe
  • As seen on TV!
  • Food safety holder protects fingers from sharp blades
  • Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Compare prices with a large US retailer
  • Brand new product!
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Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter
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