Ecohouzng® ECP5013 Electric Pressure Cooker

Use for delicious pressure cooker pastas, steaming rice, cooking meat, fish, vegetables, soups, and more!

Stock #: 850216
Ecohouzng Electric Pressure Cooker is built with innovative technology and comes with many functions. It is much more convenient, amazing and effective when comparing to traditional cooker. This cooker uses Thermal Circulation Technology to trap the heat and liquid and moisture inside the pot. The technology makes sure your foods are never too dry and burned to the bottom of the pot. It also helps keep all the flavors and nutrients inside the food. Also, the elegant design on the pressure cooker can make your kitchen more beautiful, the stainless steel cover outside and the pot inside are both really easy to wash and clean up. Everyone should bring this to their kitchen for easy cooking.

  • 6-litre capacity
  • 1000 watts of cooking power
  • Designed for quickly cooking pastas, meats, vegetables, soup, and stews!
  • Removable stainless steel inner pot for easy cleanups
  • Automatic cooking
  • Automatic pressure control
  • 10 dimension safety protection system
  • UL Listed in Canada and the USA
  • Compare prices with large retailers! (Elsewhere at $199 and $179!)
  • Refurbished product in manufacturer's packaging!

Ecohouzng® ECP5013 Electric Pressure Cooker
Ecohouzng® ECP5013 Electric Pressure Cooker
Ecohouzng® ECP5013 Electric Pressure Cooker