Airsoft Innovations® Cyclone Impact Grenade System

Includes 3 grenades! Each fires a massive spray of 140 airsoft BBs!

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After years in development, we are thrilled to introduce the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade; the newest incarnation of their most ruthless spinning airsoft BB dispensing device out there. Using their new Quantum Drive engine, it unleashes a spinning storm of 140 BBs at 225 feet per second and is now available for about the price of a GBB pistol magazine.

See it in action!

  • Quantum Drive is Airsoft Innovations new engine. It was developed specifically to deliver an extreme rate of fire. High individual power-per-shot applications and can be made to fit in very compact spaces. This novel system uses zero moving parts to fire a large amount of BBs at an incredible 700 rounds per second at high consistent velocity, and with great gas efficiency. The Cyclone Grenade is the first product to launch featuring this new technology, with several more exciting applications currently in development.
  • Grenade spins while firing 140 airsoft BBs in all directions at 225 fps!
  • Quantum drive design delivers more power than any other airsoft grenade
  • Packs a huge amount of airsoft BBs in a small form factor thanks to its double-stacked serpentine passage, and wings them out in all directions by spinning wildly on detonation.
  • Super Fast Reload! Just make it safe, reset the fuse head, dump airsoft BBs straight into the body, add your propellant of choice (propane, green gas, or HFC134A aka duster), close the body and your Cyclone is back in action. The whole process can be done in 40 seconds, much faster than the Tornado.
  • Scoop load airsoft BBs for quick reloads
  • Gas powered (green gas, propane, or 134A)
  • Sensitive and reliable impact head
  • Easy to reset and reload with no tools!
  • Robust design using resilient acetal
  • Kit includes:
    • 3 Grenade Oils
    • 3 Grenade Skin Sets
    • 3 Limited Edition Morale Patches
    • 3 Cyclone Impact Grenades
    • 3 Hand Grenade Holsters
  • Made in Canada!
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

Airsoft Innovations® Cyclone Impact Grenade System
Airsoft Innovations® Cyclone Impact Grenade System
Airsoft Innovations® Cyclone Impact Grenade System
Airsoft Innovations® Cyclone Impact Grenade System