Coghlan's® Bear Bells with Magnetic Silencer

Helps hikers avoid startling bears when walking through the wilderness

Stock #: 350010
Bears often attack after they have been surprised by someone approaching their safe distance area. Bear bells emit a distinct jingling sound that alerts bears well in advance of your presence to avoid startling them. Bears will naturally flee humans unless startled or protecting their young. Bear bells provide an opportunity for the bear to avoid you and, consequently, you to avoid bears.

  • Magnetic silencer strap attracts bell ball to stop the bell from ringing when not required such as travelling in urban areas or when inside vehicles
  • Velcro strap easily attaches to backpack loops
  • The most affordable and environmentally friendly way to scare away bears
  • A necessity for hikers in wilderness areas
  • Large 1 1/2-inch diameter bell allows you to only carry a single bell, while still being heard
  • Multiple colours available
    • Red
    • Yellow
  • Same bel selling at a large chain store for $3.25!
  • Similar bell selling at big box stores for $5.97!
  • Brand new product!
Only $0.99 each
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Coghlan's® Bear Bells with Magnetic Silencer
Coghlan's® Bear Bells with Magnetic Silencer
Coghlan's® Bear Bells with Magnetic Silencer
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