Handy Gourmet® Smokeless Stove-Top Grill

Now you can have healthy, low-fat cooking... Indoors!

Stock #: 050225
This compact non-stick stove top grill will give you the advantage of being able to get that tasty grill flavour indoors without any smoke. Cooks up to four burgers at a time, right on your stove top!

  • Great for cooking meats and veggies, indoors
  • Works with standard electric, natural gas, or propane stoves
  • Compact, quick, & and convenient
  • Non-stick surface for easier clean-ups
  • Grill pan collects drippings
  • 10-inch diameter cooking surface
  • 12.5-inch overall diameter
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
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Handy Gourmet® Smokeless Stove-Top Grill
Handy Gourmet® Smokeless Stove-Top Grill
Handy Gourmet® Smokeless Stove-Top Grill
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