Donald Trump Printed Toilet Paper

Dump with Trump!   Hillary Clinton toilet paper can be ordered upon request.

Stock #: 267046
  • For those who don't see enough of Trump on TV now, you can look at him in the bathroom
  • Already wiped your hands of President Trump? Now you can wipe your rump with him!
  • Novelty toilet paper
  • Printed on each sheet
  • Now printed with the presidential photo!
  • Presidential grade (3 ply extra thick and soft)
  • Imaging will not smudge
  • A fun way for Democrats to show off your disapproval of The Donald
  • A great gift for the family politician
  • Make your position on Trump clear
  • Flushable, safe for most sewer and septic systems
  • Brand new product in sealed manufacturer's packaging!
Only $7.99 each
approx  US $6.22 each

(U.S. currency info)

Donald Trump Printed Toilet Paper
Donald Trump Printed Toilet Paper
Donald Trump Printed Toilet Paper
Donald Trump Printed Toilet Paper
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