Sears Luggage Clearout

Huge selection at less than 1/2 the original retail price!

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There once was a company named Sears. 
Their accounts fell into arrears. 
Sad for them to say, they sold their luggage away... for only a fraction of what they pay!
But fret not – we bought a lot! 
So put a smile on your face, and come get a great suitcase!

  • HUGE selection of colours and sizes available! Almost no duplicates.
  • Many brands to choose from including Heys, Samsonite, Atlantic, Swiss Gear, and VIA Rail Canada!
  • Many suitcases have extendable handles, extra zippered pockets, and more!
  • Most are in perfect condition, but some have minor defects (scratches in the finish, small tears in liners, etc). Prices are adjusted accordingly.
  • All luggage from Sears closing sales
  • Due to having so many different sizes, colours, and styles, this product is only available in store!
    And when they are gone they are gone.
  • While supplies last!
One example of the savings is the Heys Revolver 21 carry-on suitcase. Originally selling at Sears Canada for $299.99, we have it surplus priced at only $79.95. The Revolver is a four-wheel Spinner Carry on that is made from a Polycarbonate composite and is equipped with spinner wheels for smoother and more dynamic movement. Polycarbonate is the same material used in the making of Bullet-proof glass. It has been specifically designed for use in luggage due to its high impact resistance and lightweight properties. This makes the shells strong and rigid enough to withstand severe impacts but agile enough to flex and maintain its structural integrity. The Revolver's simplistic yet modern design combines high performance with functionality. The combination of spinner wheels, a lightweight telescopic handle system, and multi-riveted top and side handles comprises one of our most durable luggage designs.Its Spinner wheels provide easy maneuverability and allow for effortless gliding in different terrains. It has a push-button telescopic handle system with multi-stage locking heights as well as top and ergonomic side handles for better support. The Carry on comes with a built-in 3 digit combination TSA lock, these locks only allow certified TSA officials to open, inspect and re-lock your luggage if necessary. The Revolver has a solid design that offers incredible strength, durability, flexibility and lightweight properties altogether. Please note as we only have one of these it may be gone by the time you reach the store.

This product is not available for online ordering.

Sears Luggage Clearout
Sears Luggage Clearout
Sears Luggage Clearout
Sears Luggage Clearout
Sears Luggage Clearout
Sears Luggage Clearout