Light and Compact Pocket Bug Head Nets

Polyester mesh insect headnet without frame!

Stock #: 314596
  • Protection against mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas,
    ticks, deer flies and all other bugs
  • Feel the breeze go through - the most desirable
    feature in spring and summer
  • See-through polyester mesh no see um netting
  • Light and compact polyester mesh headnet without frame
  • Elastic bottom ensures snug fit around neck
  • Packed in PVC Bag
  • Can easily fit over a hat (hat sold separately)
  • Perfect for use in combination with a sweater or jacket
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
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Light and Compact Pocket Bug Head Nets
Light and Compact Pocket Bug Head Nets
Light and Compact Pocket Bug Head Nets
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