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Emergency Communications

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Uniden® Bearcat® BC75XLT NOAA Weather Radio, Handheld Police and NASCAR Scanners - New

Don't Just Watch the Race; Hear What the Drivers are Saying!

Stock #: 740056
only $139.95 each Details

Uniden® Bearcat® 880 40 Channel CB Radios with Weather Alert

The most trusted name in CB radios

Stock #: 740087
only $119.95 each Details

Uniden® PRO520XL Professional 40 Channel CB Radios - NEW

Uniden Pro Series Mobile CB Radios The Professional's Choice

Stock #: 740070
only $99.95 each Details

Uniden® PRO520XL Professional 40 Channel CB Radios

ANL switch reduces engine noise and background interference

Stock #: 740040
only $59.95 each Details

Uniden® GMR 3799-2CK 59 KM Range GMRS Radios

Communicate when cell phone towers are down

Stock #: 740005
only $59.95 per pair Details

Uniden® GMR4040-2CK 64 KM Range GMRS Radios

2 GMRS Radio handsets with NOAA weather service, rechargeable batteries, and charger

Stock #: 740068
only $59.95 per set Details

Uniden® 22 Channel 48 KM Range GMRS Radios with Batteries and Charger

Stay in contact during sporting events, outdoor activities, and more!

Stock #: 740101
only $49.95 per set Details

Coghlan's® Crank and Solar-Powered Portable Cell Phone Chargers

Keep your smartphone and tablets charged with this 6000 mAh capacity backup battery 

Stock #: 350029
only $44.95 each Details

MV1625S - Fanon® Heavy-Duty Megaphone with Siren

Up to
600 yard range bullhorn megaphone!

Stock #: 440072
only $39.95 each Details

Uniden® 22 Channel 25 KM Range FRS/GMRS Radios

You can still communicate when cell phone towers are down or too far away!

Stock #: 740081
only $29.95 per pair Details

Champ® Solar and Crank-Powered Weather Radio with Flashlight

Keep up to date on radio bulletins, illuminate dark areas, and make sure your cell phone stays charged during emergencies

Stock #: 810909
only $29.95 each Details

Midland® HH54VP Portable NOAA Emergency Weather Radio

Lets you be aware of incoming storms in bug-out, hiking, and camping situations

Stock #: 660009
only $29.95 each Details

i-Zoom® Farpoint 1600 Lumen LED TEC Tactical Flashlight

Super Bright! A great emergency flashlight comes with an SOS mode! 

Stock #: 259092
only $19.95 each Details

Pyle Pro® PMP35R 30-Watt Megaphones

800-yard range bullhorn megaphone

Stock #: 001752
only $19.95 each Details

Pyle Pro® PMP30 30-Watt Megaphones

800-yard range bullhorn megaphone

Stock #: 001964
only $19.95 each Details

Digital 9-band Worldwide Shortwave Radios with Alarm Clock

Shortwave lets you receive radio broadcasts from around the world

Stock #: 050275
only $18.95 each Details

Enola Gaye® EG18 Wire Pull High-Output Green Smoke Grenades

Provides cover in woodland environments to mask your team's movement

Stock #: 360525
only $17.95 each Details

XL Sight-Grid Signal Mirror

Reflection, Emergency, Signal, Mark Light Source

Stock #: 186017
only $14.95 each Details

Coghlan's® Sight-Grid Signal Mirrors

Can reach targets up to 40 kilometres away

Stock #: 350207
only $12.95 each Details

Automotive Revolving Warning Light

Great for snow plow operators, volunteer firefighters, undercover police officers, tow truck operators, and more

Stock #: 060496
only $12.95 each Details

Enola Gaye® Coloured Wire Pull Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades will emit coloured smoke for at least 60 seconds

Stock #: 360488
only $11.95 each Details

6-in-1 Survival Tools

Crank flashlight, electric fire starter, survival whistle, compass, and more!

Stock #: 060499
only $11.95 each Details

Coghlan's® 6-Function Survival Whistles

6-in-1 whistle that could save your life

Stock #: 350034
only $9.99 each Details

Battery-Powered Emergency Flashers - Safer Than Road Flares

Ideal for use in emergency situations

Stock #: 153019
only $5.99 each Details

North 49® Large Pump-action Reusable Air Horns

Great for sporting events, general safety, and boating!

Stock #: 311275
only $5.99 each Details

North 49® Small Pump-action Reusable Air Horns

Eliminates the need for single use compressed air canisters

Stock #: 311233
only $4.99 each Details

Coghlan's® Survival Bags and Signal Markers

Instant protection against rain, wind, and cold temperatures

Stock #: 350056
only $3.99 each Details

7-in-1 Survival Whistles

A must-have for emergencies, camping, hiking, and more

Stock #: 060248
only $2.99 each Details

Coghlan's® Emergency Signal Horns

Signal for help or scare unfriendly animals away

Stock #: 350246
only $2.89 each Details

World Famous® Multifunction Survival Whistles

Built-in compass and thermometer

Stock #: 311073
only $2.69 each Details

5-in-1 Survival Whistles

A must-have for emergencies, camping, hiking, and more

Stock #: 060156
only $1.69 each Details

Coghlan's® Wilderness Survival Signal Whistles

Signal your location even at great distances

Stock #: 350223
only $1.59 each Details
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