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Gift Ideas for Guys

President Donald Trump Chia Pet

Give Trump a better hairdo with the Donald Trump Chia Pet!

Stock #: 267068
only $19.95 each Details

Sub-Zero® 12 Gauge 20-Foot Extension Cords with Three Input Plugs

20-foot extension cord with multiple input plugs!

Stock #: 169026
only $19.95 each Details

Stanley® FATMAX® 30-piece Ratcheting T-Handle Set

Professional grade 30-piece tool set featuring a high-impact carrying case

Stock #: 810955
only $19.95 per set Details

Solar-Powered Portable Cell Phone Battery Chargers

Keep your phone charged on the go with this 5000 mAh capacity dual-USB external battery charger

Stock #: 275007
only $19.95 each Details

WMC® Sneekums® Pet Pranksters

Watch this fun prank video! These toys are a riot! 

Stock #: 255004
only $19.95 each Details
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only $19.95 each

Groot Chia Pet

Grow your very own Groot

Stock #: 267067
only $19.95 each Details

LED Beer Signs

Ideal for hanging up in man caves or your personal bar

Stock #: 173003
only $19.95 each Details

i-Zoom® Farpoint 1600 Lumen LED TEC Tactical Flashlight

Super Bright! A great emergency flashlight comes with an SOS mode! 

Stock #: 259092
only $19.95 each Details

The Beer Mitt

Keep your hand warm and your beer cold!

Stock #: 267070
only $19.95 each Details

LED Game Room Signs

Great for anyone who owns a pool table 

Stock #: 173004
only $19.95 each Details

Eclipse Pro® VR-3000 Virtual Reality Glasses

The affordable way to have virtual reality experiences

Stock #: 830340
only $19.95 each Details

Jesou Collection® Watch, Tie, and Tie Clip Gift Sets

Stylish watch and tie set in a gift-ready package!

Stock #: 178279
only $19.95 per set Details

Seven-piece BBQ Grilling Tool Belt Set

Includes condiment gun and grilling utensils!

Stock #: 253053
only $19.95 per set Details

Bushline® 22 Function Stainless Steel Pocket Multi-Tool

Includes wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, spring loaded pliers, and a knife!

Stock #: 311794
only $17.95 each Details

iZoom® 700 Lumen Versa Beam Flood Light

Powerful and portable weatherproof 10
watt LED flood light with
fold out stand!

Stock #: 259110
only $16.95 each Details

Jelly Belly® 40 Flavour Gift Sets

Jelly Belly's
favourites like buttered popcorn, toasted marshmallows, and more

Stock #: 258025
only $16.95 each Details

Donut-shaped Coffee Mug Warmer

This mug warmer keeps beverages warm with your
computer's USB port!

Stock #: 267011
only $16.95 each Details

Shotgun Shell Travel Mug with Reloading Sound Effects

Lets you drink your coffee faster than a speeding bullet!

Stock #: 267061
only $15.95 each Details

2-In-1 Magnetic Dartboard Sets

A fun party game that is safe no matter how wild the party gets

Stock #: 175012
only $14.95 each Details

Doctor Who® The 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

 With luminous green light and sound effects

Stock #: 880165
only $14.95 each Details

Gravitator Black Multi-Tool

Pliers, screwdriver, ruler, wire cutter, bottle opener, knife blade, hook dislodger and more

Stock #: 870253
only $14.95 each Details

Schumacher® XM1-5-CA 1.5 Amp 6 and 12 Volt Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer

Great for charging motorcycles, classic cars, RVs, boats and more!

Stock #: 299036
only $14.95 each Details

2-Sided Wooden Throwing Knife Targets

A great way to practice your aim with throwing knives

Stock #: 870201
only $14.95 each Details

Gravitator Metallic Multi-Tool

Heavy-duty multitool featuring knife, pliers, saw, and much more!

Stock #: 870256
only $14.95 each Details

JESOU Collection® Watch and Wallet Gift Sets

A great gift for boys and men this holiday season!

Stock #: 178197
only $14.95 per set Details

48 Piece Hobby Knife Sets

Great for carving into wood or soap stone

Stock #: 060070
only $14.95 per set Details

JESOU Collection® Watch and Belt Gift Sets

Stylish watch and belt set in a gift-ready package!

Stock #: 178277
only $14.95 per set Details

iZoom® 500 Lumen Versa Beam LED Work Light

Powerful and portable weatherproof LED flood light!

Stock #: 259072
only $14.95 each Details

Fanny Bank - The Farting Piggy Bank

Drop in some loot to hear it toot!

Stock #: 267063
only $14.95 each Details

Logitech® S120 Stereo Amplified Computer Speakers

Compact, easy-to-use speakers

Stock #: 490101
only $14.95 per pair Details

Rockwater Designs® Bevitas Glass Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser allows you to use citrus, cucumbers, and other fruit to enhance water

Stock #: 311274
only $14.95 each Details

King Arms® Platinum Series 4000 0.25 gram 6mm Airsoft BBs

Manufactured to tight +/- 0.01 tolerances

Stock #: 320390
only $14.95 each Details

BevBarrel - Portable Beverage Carrier

Easily carries up to 7 bottles or cans!

Stock #: 267051
only $14.95 each Details

24GB USB 2.0 Thumb Drive with Swivel Cover

Compact, affordable data storage

Stock #: 275012
only $14.95 each Details

Star Wars® Kylo Ren Deluxe Costume Top Set

Kylo Ren Costume set with top, hooded cape, and mask

Stock #: 710030
only $12.95 each Details

Star Wars® Captain Phasma Deluxe Costume Top Set

Kylo Ren Costume set with top, cape, and mask

Stock #: 710031
only $12.95 each Details

WARTECH® 13-inch Camouflage Survival Knife with Sheath

Includes soft nylon carrying sheath

Stock #: 870255
only $12.95 each Details

North 49® 12-Ounce Stainless Steel Brew-Zies Beverage Holder

Double-wall insulation keeps drinks colder longer than conventional holders or wraps

Stock #: 310707
only $12.95 each Details

The Beer Belt - Holds a Six-Pack!

Keep a six-pack on your belt at all times!

Stock #: 267073
only $12.95 each Details

10 in 1 Camping/Survival Tools

Compass, survival whistle, fire starter, signal mirror, and more

Stock #: 060374
only $11.95 each Details

Poo-Pourri® 2oz Original Citrus Toilet Spray

Use it at parties to let your guests focus on having a good time and not play a game of who done it

Stock #: 030039
only $11.95 each Details

Flex Seal® Spray Sealant

Seal and Protect your virtually everything! As seen on TV!

Stock #: 880183
only $11.95 each Details

Neon Light Illuminated License Plate Frame

Customize your license plate with neon lights!

Stock #: 178181
only $11.95 each Details

10-Inch Motorcycle Alarm Clock

Bring the excitement of the open road to any room!

Stock #: 670224
only $11.95 each Details

2 Litre Bota Bags

Traditional, old fashioned Spanish wineskins

Stock #: 350195
only $11.95 each Details

Stainless Steel Mugs

Insulated to ensure your coffee stays hot and your beer stays cold!

Stock #: 313351
only $11.95 each Details

North American Healthcare® Foot Rocker

Developed by health professionals to help ease foot and leg pain such as Achilles heels, tendinitis, ankle strain, and more. Easy, do-at-home therapy.

Stock #: 050167
only $11.95 each Details

Jesou Collection® Watch and Pen Gift Sets

Stylish watch and pen set in a gift-ready package!

Stock #: 178278
only $11.95 per set Details

6-in-1 Survival Tools

Crank flashlight, electric fire starter, survival whistle, compass, and more!

Stock #: 060499
only $11.95 each Details

Spaghettios Decoy Can Secret Safe

What looks like an ordinary can of Spaghettios, is actually a secret safe!

Stock #: 267071
only $10.95 each Details

Chicken Noodle Soup Decoy Can Secret Safe

What looks like an ordinary can of chicken noodle soup, is actually a secret safe!

Stock #: 267072
only $10.95 each Details

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Give everybody a laugh with this hilarious mug!

Stock #: 267069
only $10.95 each Details

The Gun Mug

Pull the trigger on that second cup of coffee!

Stock #: 267062
only $10.95 each Details

Happy Camper Mug

Start your day off right with your very own Happy Camper mug!

Stock #: 267059
only $10.95 each Details

Anti-Slip Snow-Ice Grippers XL

Easy-to-use ice grippers attach to shoes, boots, and more to prevent slips and falls!

Stock #: 277023
only $9.99 per pair Details

POP Dental® Go Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Bristles twist side-to-side, delivering up to 30,000 smooth, but powerful cleaning strokes per minute

Stock #: 172012
only $9.99 each Details

Marvel® Wallets and Collectible-Tins

Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Punisher, and Dragon Man models!

Stock #: 253029
only $9.99 each Details

RbBandz™ Camouflage Headbands With Hot/Cold Gel Packs

Use the ice pack to stay cool and outrun your opponents

Stock #: 500496
only $9.99 each Details

32-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Includes 1 extended bit driver, 1 bit extension, and 30 precision screwdriver bits!

Stock #: 060057
only $9.99 per set Details

Complaint Department Grenade Mug

Let everybody know you're not a morning person without saying a word!

Stock #: 267060
only $9.99 each Details

Wartech USA® Folding Emergency Pocket Knives

Built-in seat belt / line cutter, metal belt clip on back and window breaker on the end

Stock #: 870127
only $9.99 each Details

Ultrasonic® Competition Grade 5000 0.20gram 6mm Airsoft BBs

Manufactured to tight +/- 0.02 tolerances

Stock #: 360435
only $9.99 each Details

Jelly Belly® 20 Flavour Gift Sets

Jelly Belly's favourites like buttered popcorn, toasted marshmallows and more

Stock #: 258005
only $9.99 per set Details

Portable Golf Game: Bathroom Golf

Great joke gift for a golfer. Fun
for dad's office too!

Stock #: 173224
only $9.99 each Details

Poop Emoji Drink Cooler

Give your pals a laugh with this poop emoji drink cooler!

Stock #: 267015
only $9.99 each Details

Viper® Cologne and Lotion Gift Set

A great gift idea for men!

Stock #: 200354
only $9.99 per set Details

Jelly Belly® Bean-boozled Game

37 million views on YouTube for Bean-boozled Challenge videos!

Stock #: 258006
only $8.99 each Details

IIT® Decorative Saw Blade Shop Clocks

Ideal for mounting on the wall of any tool room, workshop or garage

Stock #: 243123
only $8.99 each Details

Crystal Skull Beer Mug

Stand out from the rest of the party with this creepy design!

Stock #: 173200
only $8.99 each Details

1 Litre Bota Bags

Traditional Spanish leather wineskins

Stock #: 350152
only $8.99 each Details

Polarized Sunglasses

Reduces reflected glare from water, windshields, snow, etc.

Stock #: 340125
only $8.99 each Details

3x5-inch Waterproof Notebooks

Unique all-weather writing paper that sheds water

Stock #: 310487
only $8.99 each Details

USB Hot Plate and Coffee Mugs

Never have cold coffee again!

Stock #: 183058
only $7.99 per set Details

Olive Drab Dual Soft-Sided Pistol Case with Shoulder Strap

A convenient way to take your side arms to and from the battlefield

Stock #: 890222
only $7.99 each Details

Firepower Green Gas for Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

Power your green gas gun for less!  Surplus deal pricing, while supplies last!

Stock #: 320917
only $7.99 each Details

Trump or Clinton Printed Toilet Paper

State your political views in no uncertain terms!

Stock #: 267046
only $7.99 each Details

World Famous® Folding Pocket Knife with Razor

Double blade pocket knife with razor

Stock #: 312183
only $7.99 each Details

Ice Shot Glasses

Make shot glasses made of pure ice! Fill, freeze and serve!

Stock #: 173087
only $6.99 each Details

Magnetic Roll Up Dart Sets

Safe family fun with no holes in the wall!

Stock #: 201232
only $6.99 per set Details

Bluetooth Locator Tag, Alarm, and Remote Camera Shutter Trigger

Attach to frequently lost items to track them down with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone phone.
Helps take selfies too!

Stock #: 276009
only $6.99 each Details

North 49® Elemental Adjustable Nylon Money Belts

Keeps your cash and cards safe and comfortable, out of sight!

Stock #: 310486
only $6.99 each Details

Plug® Bottoms-Up Beer Glass

Glass or Bottle? Now you can have both!

Stock #: 173199
only $6.99 each Details

Beer Guzzler Hats

You will be the life of the party with this gear!

Stock #: 173072
only $6.99 each Details

Star Wars® 4pc Episode 7 Villains One-ounce Shot Glass Set

Set includes Kylo Ren, Captian Phasma, and more villans

Stock #: 155063
only $6.99 per set Details

US Army Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks

Extreme cold temperature protection for your face

Stock #: 300023
only $5.99 each Details

SD0701 Real Insect® Scorpion Necklace

Scorpion necklace pendant

Stock #: 040034
only $5.99 each Details

Brinkmann® 9 LED Spotlight Flashlight

Batteries included and ready to go! Powerful LEDs let you see up to 275 feet away!

Stock #: 172008
only $5.99 each Details

Ultrasonic® Premium Grade 5000 0.12 gram 6mm Airsoft BBs

Manufactured to tight +/- 0.02 tolerances

Stock #: 360433
only $5.99 each Details

TEKTON® 2795 2pc 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 Screwdriver Set

Great to have around the house for everyday projects!

Stock #: 710042
only $5.99 per set Details

Star Wars® Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Officially Licensed 25 ounce water bottle

Stock #: 155195
only $5.99 each Details

Scosche® MusicDrive™ Compact 4GB USB Flash Drive

Low profile design to easily fit car stereos without getting in the way!

Stock #: 120003
only $5.99 each Details

Anti-Slip Snow-Ice Grippers

Easy-to-use ice grippers attach to shoes, boots, and more to prevent slips and falls!

Stock #: 277022
only $5.99 per pair Details

Don Cherry Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey Glass Set

Official Don Cherry beverage glass featuring themed coasters!

Stock #: 256029
only $4.99 per set Details

Aviator Sunglasses

Protect your eyes while being classically stylish

Stock #: 340038
only $4.99 each Details

Travelon® RFID Shielding Medium Sized Safe ID Pouches

Protect your identity from RFID scanners

Stock #: 155364
only $4.99 each Details

PowerDEL® 3 Watt LED Adjustable Beam Headlamp

Powerful 120 Lumen headlamp illuminates up to 200-metres away!

Stock #: 830024
only $4.99 each Details

Camouflage Sunglasses

Some rednecks believe the camouflage frame helps to hide your body from the sun

Stock #: 342345
only $4.99 each Details

Camouflage Printed Toilet Paper

A perfect gift for hunters and outdoorsmen!

Stock #: 267076
only $4.99 each Details

8-Ounce Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Holds eight ounces of your favourite liquid

Stock #: 060001
only $4.99 each Details

Dual Eyeglass Cases

Holds 2 pairs of glasses in 1 conveniently sized case

Stock #: 050075
only $4.99 each Details


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