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Party Supplies

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Danby® DBC2760BLS Dual Temperature Zone Beverage Centres with French Doors

Keep your wine and beverages chilled to the proper temperatures

Stock #: 993155
only $599.00 each Details

Danby® DKC052BSLDB Compact Keg Coolers

Hosting a party has never been easier and more fun!

Stock #: 993277
only $349.00 each Details

Danby® Designer Series DWC458BLS 45-Bottle Wine Cooler

Keep your wine and beverages chilled to the proper temperatures

Stock #: 993273
only $299.00 each Details

Danby Silhouette® DWC1534BLS 34-Bottle Wine Cooler

Keeps your wine ready at the perfect temperature for whenever you need some

Stock #: 993375
only $299.00 each Details

Pyle® PSUFM1045 Disco Jam Series 500 Watt RMS Powered Speakers

Rock your party with a speaker, amplifier, lights, microphone, and more in one package

Stock #: 000625
only $279.00 each Details

Pyle® PSUFM1035A Disco Jam Series 1000 Watt Bluetooth Speaker System

An all-in-one complete party system! 

Stock #: 001030
only $269.00 each Details

Haier® HBCM05FVS Beverage Center

Holds 150 12-ounce cans! 

Stock #: 993376
only $249.00 each Details

Danby® WC1132BLSDB 38-Bottle Wine Cooler

Keep your wine and beverages chilled to the proper temperatures

Stock #: 993013
only $249.00 each Details

PMX802M Pyle® 8 Channel Powered Mixer with Onboard USB/MP3 Player Input

800 Watt peak power with reverb and delay effects

Stock #: 000072
only $229.00 each Details

Pyle® Dual 400 Watt RMS Disco Jam PSUFM837BT Bluetooth Speaker System

With USB/SD Card inputs, FM radio, 3.5 mm AUX input, and more

Stock #: 002557
only $199.95 per pair Details

Brand Name 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact Fridges

Ideal for Offices, Dorm
Rooms and Small Apartments

Stock #: 993014
only $119.00 each Details

Haier® HC32TW10SV 3.2-Cubic Feet Two-door Refrigerator and Freezer

With completely separate fridge and freezer compartments

Stock #: 993294
only $109.95 each Details

Pyle Pro® PADH879 8-Inch 150 Watt RMS Full Range DJ Speaker

Heavy-duty handles for easy portability. A great choice for mobile DJs and small bands.

Stock #: 000172
only $109.95 each Details

Haier® HC33SW20RB 3.3-Cubic Feet Refrigerator

Versatile refrigerator. Ideal for homes, offices, apartments, condos, and cottages.

Stock #: 993296
only $99.00 each Details

16-Can Capacity Can-shaped Fridge

Available with Mike's Hard Lemonade logo or in
make your own can graphic black

Stock #: 254004
only $50.00 each Details

PL-497 Coloured Laser Disco Light Systems

Bright rotating red, green, and blue light spots on the wall give the effect of a glass disco ball. With the sound-activated mode, the lights follow the beat!

Stock #: 144079
only $49.95 each Details

PL-496 Mini Cloud Stage Lighting System

Lets you have nightclub style lighting for your next home party

Stock #: 144080
only $49.95 each Details

Surfloor Liquid Gel Colour Changing Floor Tiles

Step on one of these liquid floor tiles for an amazing sensory experience!

Stock #: 267056
only $49.95 each Details

Star Shower™ Laser Light

Use the Star Shower™ Laser Light to turn the front of your house into a beautiful light show!

Stock #: 173518
only $34.95 each Details

Budweiser Beer LED Sign

With eye-catching LED light rope around the rim!

Stock #: 173486
only $29.95 each Details

1byOne® QS-011B "U" Tube Hexagonal Party Strobe Light

Bring the party to your house with this strobe light with interchangeable colours! 

Stock #: 690007
only $21.95 each Details

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

The tactical, practical way to grill!

Stock #: 267074
only $21.95 each Details

LED Beer Signs

Ideal for hanging up in man caves or your personal bar

Stock #: 173003
only $19.95 each Details

Mini LED Magic Ball Stage Lighting

Great for DJs, parties, discos, ballrooms, bands, and more!

Stock #: 173024
only $19.95 each Details

The Beer Mitt

Keep your hand warm and your beer cold!

Stock #: 267070
only $19.95 each Details

North 49® 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Brew-Zies Beverage Holder

Larger beverage container holds tall beer cans!

Stock #: 310723
only $15.95 each Details

Boozy Bottle Cap Signs

Ideal for hanging up in man caves or your personal bar

Stock #: 173532
only $14.95 each Details

Iconic Bottle Cap Signs

Ideal for hanging up in man caves or your personal bar

Stock #: 173535
only $14.95 each Details

2-In-1 Magnetic Dartboard Sets

A fun party game that is safe no matter how wild the party gets

Stock #: 253075
only $14.95 each Details

Lucky Shot Roulette Drinking Game

A fun way to get a party started!

Stock #: 173026
only $14.95 each Details

BevBarrel - Portable Beverage Carrier

Easily carries up to 7 bottles or cans!

Stock #: 267051
only $14.95 each Details

Novelty Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shakers

What every hot party needs

Stock #: 173149
only $14.95 each Details

Harley Davidson Bottle Cap Signs

Ideal for hanging up in man caves or your personal bar

Stock #: 173499
only $14.95 each Details

The Beer Belt - Holds a Six-Pack!

Keep a six-pack on your belt at all times!

Stock #: 267073
only $12.95 each Details

North 49® 12-Ounce Stainless Steel Brew-Zies Beverage Holder

Double-wall insulation keeps drinks colder longer than conventional holders or wraps

Stock #: 310707
only $12.95 each Details

Stainless Steel Mugs

Insulated to ensure your coffee stays hot and your beer stays cold!

Stock #: 313351
only $11.95 each Details

Poo-Pourri® 2oz Original Citrus Toilet Spray

Use it at parties to let your guests focus on having a good time and not play a game of who done it

Stock #: 030039
only $11.95 each Details

Rival® Personal Blender

Make smoothies and take them with you! 15 oz. dishwasher-safe travel cup included!

Stock #: 299023
only $9.99 each Details

Butterfly Knife Style Bottle Openers

Get noticed at the next party with this bottle opener

Stock #: 870040
only $7.99 each Details

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Beautiful long stem design! Will not break no matter how much wine you drink!

Stock #: 330034
only $7.49 each Details

Plug® Bottoms-Up Beer Glass

Glass or Bottle? Now you can have both!

Stock #: 173199
only $6.99 each Details

Beer Guzzler Hats

You will be the life of the party with this gear!

Stock #: 173072
only $6.99 each Details

Ice Shot Glasses

Make shot glasses made of pure ice! Fill, freeze and serve!

Stock #: 173087
only $6.99 each Details

Coghlan's® 4-pack Snaplight Lightsticks

Long-lasting bright glow is great for parties or survival situations

Stock #: 350191
only $5.49 each Details

Kids Winter Animal Hats

With Earflaps to Keep Your Ears Warm and Cozy

Stock #: 900078
only $4.99 each Details
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Poker Chips

Stock #: 840059
only $4.99 per set

Poker Chips

50 in a pack

Stock #: 840059
only $4.99 per set Details

Pearl in a Shell Jewelry Kits

Find your own unique pearl in the oyster!

Stock #: 173037
only $4.99 per set Details

Stainless Steel 6-Ounce Hip Flasks

Holds six-ounces of your
favourite liquid

Stock #: 060002
only $3.99 each Details

Jumbo Snaplight Lightsticks

Long-lasting bright glow is ideal for emergency situations!

Stock #: 143055
only $3.99 each Details

Super Boinks

Send them flying across the room!

Stock #: 267052
only $1.29 each Details

Selectum® Playing Cards

Plastic coated playing cards

Stock #: 200516
only $0.99 each Details

Prisma Coloured Reflective Adhesive Paper

Add some flare to your next party!

Stock #: 890085
only $0.10 per foot Details

Colourful Acetate Sheets - 26x21 inches

Great for arts and crafts, stage lighting, colouring windows, and more!

Stock #: 410008
only $0.00 each Details
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