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They Sound Great!!! (7/22/2011)
I'm really pleased with these speakers. I mounted them on my deck and they sounded great right out of the box! Clean, crisp highs, elegant mids, and well pronounced tight bass - and plenty off it. They don't sound all cardboard boxy like most outdoor speakers in this price range. Imaging is great also, and they carry well across the yard. Plenty loud and very well made. They are a pleasure to listen to, and I highly recommend them!!

Albert - Ontario, Canada
Awesome Outdoor speakers (10/18/1999)
I bought a pair of EMS 880 Indoor / Outdoor Speakers earlier this year. And now that the summer season is almost over here in Northern California I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed these speakers. They are big and everyone who comes to visit comments on that fact, then immediately they mention how good they sound. The 8 inch woofers really makes them really nice. I can actually hear the bass in the music, not just the midrange and the highs, like with all of the other speakers I auditioned.
Thanks again for stocking such great speakers.”

Fred - Northern California
Impressed by speakers (11/15/2001)
Last spring I ordered and quickly rec’d a pair of the EMS880 speakers. I took them in about two weeks ago. Of course, since then the weather has been good - I really miss the speakers. These speakers are an excellent value with good sound and excellent power handling. I can literally fill my yard (½ acre) with clear sound. Previously I had used smaller ‘outdoor’ speakers from KOSS and ADS. There is a night and day improvement in sound volume, sound quality and durability of the speakers themselves.

Darrell - Ontario, Canada
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