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A Nice replica, a little wobbly though. (2/11/2017)
This thing looks the part well, other than the grip it is nearly identical to the real steel! Nice weight to it with an nearly all metal construction. The plastic grip feels solid enough in hand. it also has a fairly nice rubberized coating. The CO2 cap in the bottom is a sturdy nylon material, however the threads are so recessed it can be a pain to start the first few times. The orange tip can be removed carefully using channel locks, when properly done you can simply thread it back into the gun for transport. However, even though it is legal in Canada to have no orange tip you must be responsible. Many people are shot due to mistaking airsoft guns for the real steel!!!

Best part of this gun is the brass shells! Of course you already know that if you are considering a airsoft revolver. Shells are heavy and feel durable, although I would avoid dropping them on cement. Also, ensure they are free of debris if they hit the ground. I also purchased backup shells on this site. They come in Silver, and feel so light I thought they were plastic until closer inspection (they are just very light metal). They do not feel any where near as good in hand or loading as the brass ones provided with the gun.

Lets talk about function; This things is very accurate right out of the box. It has an adjustable rear sight, however it was already hitting the mark on its first shots. It feels great while it's held still in hand, however movement is wobbly. The cylinder is loose, I'm talking several mm of play in all directions even while it's in the closed firing position. This creates lots of wear on the paint, and minor jams while closing the cylinder until you find the right technique. Spinning the cylinder while open is weighty and spins free, however even with lubrication spinning makes a terrible squeaking noise!

The Barrel also wobbles a good 0.25mm-0.5mm each way!!! You can feel with while you are manovering the gun in hand. I will shim this and stop it, but I should not have to! That said, even with this barrel wobble, it will shoot a 1" group at 25 yards away (indoors) all day long.

So far I have put 3 CO2 cylinders through it. Getting around 100-150 accurate shots at 21.5 degrees C indoors which is better than I expected. Once the orange tip is removed, the recessed barrel creates a hollow cavern for the gas to expand. It creates a satisfying crack! And sounds almost like a real gun if you had earplugs in while firing it. With the use of pellgun oil, the first 18-24 shots reveal a satisfying misty vapour from the end of the cylinder and barrel, just like the real thing.

Overall, this gun is fun if you want a basement/outdoor plinker. Reloading is fun and satisfying, and the gun is very accurate! However the fit and finish leaves a lot to be desired. Function is sturdy enough that with respect, I feel it will still last a fairly long time. Just be careful how you handle it.

Bryan - British Columbia
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