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    1 to 8 person camping tents, screen tents, party tents, garage pavilions, replacement poles and waterproofing sprays

    Sleeping Bags

    Blankets, comforters, Sleeping bag liners, all weather square and mummy sleeping bags

    Discount Camping Gear

    Key chains, carabiners, egg carriers, biodegradable soap, Pack Towels, Folding Shovels, Whistles, Camp Stools, camp showers, canoe paddles, steel soap, french press coffee makers, fire starters and more

    Camp Cooking Accessories

    Camp stoves, camp toasters, giant roasting forks, camping mugs, Fuel Bottles, Sauce Pots, frying pans, Pie Irons, dutch ovens, Tea Kettles, Hamburger Grillers, Butane Stoves, Coffee Percolators

    Camping Lanterns & Lights

    Kerosene Lanterns, Headlamps, work lights
    Battery Flashlights, no battery flashlights, Headlamps, Battery, Propane and Kerosene Lanterns, Spotlights and Work Lights

    Camp stoves, Pie Irons, Hibachi Grills Sleeping Pads and Self-Inflating Mats Camp Mats, Foam Pads, Camp Mat, Camping mat

    Summer and winter foam sleeping pads, air mattresses and insta beds

    camp cots, camping cots, tents, discount camp gear Folding Camp Cots

    folding camp cots, cot sale, canada cot, cheap cot, cot bed, big cot
    Folding Camp Cots from 74 inches x 25 inches x 16 inches to 84.5 inches × 39.5 inches × 21 inches

    Bug Wear

    Mosquito Netting, Bug headnets, bug jackets, bug pants, Insect Repellent Spray

    Freeze Dried Camping Food

    Mountain House freeze dried food for backpacking, camping, survival and more!

    Canteens and Water Carriers

    Wine Skins, canteens, bottles, vacuum flasks, hydration packs and more

    Mess Kits and Chow Sets

    Teflon Mess Kits and stainless steel chow sets

    Camping, Hunting and Survival Knives Gear for camping, sleeping bags, camping supplies and more

    Sharpening Stones, Cutlery Sets and pocket knives

    Back Packs

    Day Packs, Back Packs, Haversacks, Internal Frame Back Packs, Duffle bags, Waterproof Bags, Fanny Packs and more

    Camping Tips

    About Camping
    Camping info and reviews.

    World Outdoor Web

    Sandy Haven Fishing Camp
    Northern Ontario camping location

    Poison Ivy!

    Ontario Parks
    Complete details of Ontario Parks

    Travel Walk
    Travel Planning, Forums, Tips, Recommendations, and Travel Companions

    Go Camping
    Camping information and articles

    Outdoor Adventures

    Canoe Ontario
    Guided canoe trips

    Virtual North
    Outdoor adventures.
    Wilderness River Adventure Tours

    Nahanni Wilderness Adventures

    Out There!

    Outdoor Singles Network

    Wild Women Expeditions!

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    Stuff Below

  • Sunrise 8 Dome Tent - discount backpacker tent
  • Killarney 4 Person Family Dome Tents - family camping tent
  • Summit Gazebo - portable gazebo, canada gazebo, screen gazebo
  • Tempest 3 Person Dome Tents - 3 man camping tents
  • Orion Plus 8 Tents - discount camping tent
  • Orion 4 Person Family Dome Tent - world famous tent
  • Orion Plus 7 Tents - camping tent sale
  • Tempest 5 Person Dome Tent - 5 person tent
  • Sunrise 9 Dome Tent - buy camping tent
  • North 49 Eclipse 2 Geo-Dome Tent - outdoor camping gear
  • Screened Gazebo with rain Flaps - outdoor gazebo, screen gazebo
  • 10x20 Party Tent - party tent for sale, discount party tent
  • Deluxe Screen House Tents with Flaps - screen tent for sale
  • Tempest 4-Person Dome Tents - backpacking camping tent
  • Orion 6 to 8-Person Family Dome Tents - 6 person tent
  • Sunrise 11 Dome Tent - discount backpacking tent
  • North 49 Pinnacle 3-Man Dome Tents - camp tent, portable shelters
  • Rockwater Designs Firefly Tents - canada tent, 3 person tent
  • Rockwater Designs: Lynx 2 — 3 Season Tents - three season tent
  • Tempest 6-Person Dome Tent - canadian tent
  • Rock Ridge Dome Tent - family tent, camping supply
  • North 49 Eclipse 4 Geo-Dome Tent - family dome tent
  • North 49 Pinnacle 4-Man Dome Tent - tent for sale, 4 man tent
  • Rockwater Designs Firefly Tents - best camping tent, 5 person tent
  • Outdoor Gazebo with Nylon Flaps - cheap gazebo, best gazebo
  • North 49 Pinnacle 6-Man Dome Tent - large tent for sale, camping big tent
  • Rockwater Designs Shearwater 40 - 4 Season Tent, winter camping tent, winter tent, winter camping gear
  • Sleeping Bags

  • Sleeping Bag Liner / Hostel Bag - ultralight sleeping bag, indoor sleeping bag
  • Travelers Fleece Blanket - fleece fabric blanket
  • Chinook Collage Sleeping Bag - backpacking sleeping bag
  • Youth Fleece Sleeping Bag - kid sleeping bag, youth sleeping bag
  • Single Compact Comforter - discount comforter, cheap comforter
  • Deluxe Fleece Sleeping Bags - lightweight sleeping bag, fleece sleeping bag
  • Little Pup 80 Sleeping Bag - childs sleeping bag
  • Double Compact Comforter - best comforter, luxury comforter, twin comforter
  • Little Pup 120 Sleeping Bag - compact sleeping bag, indoow kid sleeping bag
  • Mummy Style Gypsy Sleeping Bags - mummy sleeping bag
  • Little Pup 200 Sleeping Bag - sleeping bag sale, child sleeping bag
  • Chinook Wrangell Sleeping Bag - chinook sleeping bag
  • Red Nova Sleeping Bag w/ Removable Blanket - camping sleeping bag
  • Purple Nova Sleeping Bag w/ Removable Blanket - camp sleeping bag
  • The Palm Sleeping Bags - tropical sleeping bag, discount sleeping bag
  • Silver Fox Mummy Sleeping Bags - sleeping bag canada, teen sleeping bag
  • Rectangular Style Icefield 400 Sleeping Bag - camping sleeping bag, camping and hiking gear
  • Everest Peak Sleeping Bags - mummy sleeping bags
  • Huntsman Camouflauge Sleeping Bags - camouflage bedding, camouflage sleeping bag
  • Frontier 11 Sleeping Bags - sleeping bag and tent
  • Polar Peak Sleeping Bags - best sleeping bag
  • Base Camp Sleeping Bags - cold weather sleeping bag, modular sleeping bag
  • The Beast Sleeping Bags - winter sleeping bag
  • Discount Camping Gear

  • World Famous Key Chain Combo - compass key chain, magnifying glass key chain
  • Egg Carrier - egg holder, egg container
  • LightWeight Folding Camp Stools - camping stool, folding stool, folding camp stool
  • Aluminum Accessory Carabiners -- 5mm - Carabiner clip, metal Carabiner, binder clip, mini carabiner
  • Miniture Knife Carabiner - pocket knife, mini knife carabiner, knife carabineer
  • Stainless Steel Mini Knife Carabiner - metal Carabiner ring, light carabiners
  • L.E.D. Light Carabiner - carabiner light, carabiner flashlight, led carabiner
  • Aluminum Accessory Carabiners -- 6mm - aluminum Carabiner, Carabiner clip
  • biodegradable Camp Soap & Shampoo - biodegradable soap, biodegradable shampoo
  • Stop Watch / Clock Carabiner - carabiner clock, stop watch timer, carabiner watch
  • Coghlan's Camp Towels - pack towels, camping towel, travel towel
  • 3 Way Folding Shovels - folding snow shovel
  • Garrity 3 Cell Flashlights - garrity flashlights
  • Dorcy Campers Mug Lite - flash light coffee mug, flash lite
  • Pocket Knife Carabiner - carabiner knife, small carabiner supply shop
  • World Famous Survival Whistles - survival tool, survival product
  • Ben's Insect Repellent Spray - deet insect repellant, insect spray
  • Folding Camp Stools w/ Stainless Steel Legs - camp seat, folding seat
  • Combination Pick and Shovel - pick shovel, shovel tool
  • Stainless Steel Wine Glass
  • Stainless Steel Beer Mugs
  • North 49 Swiss Flint Survival Tool - flint fire starter, survival fire starter
  • Coghlans Magnesium Fire Starters - fire starter kit
  • Storm Guard Canvas Waterproofing - tent Waterproofing, waterproofing product, water proofing
  • 5/16 Fiberglass Replacement Pole Kit - light fiberglass pole
  • 3/8 Inch Fiberglass Replacement Pole Kit - tent pole, fiberglass poles
  • 7/16 Inch Fiberglass Replacement Pole Kit - replacement tent pole, dome tent poles
  • Storm Guard Nylon Waterproofing - waterproofing material, fabric waterproofing
  • 19 Litre Capacity Camp Showers - bag shower, portable camping shower, portable camp shower
  • Buoyant Throw Rope - Floating Throw Ropes
  • Canadian Quality Canoe Paddles - wooden canoe paddles, boat paddles
  • Miniature air pump - electric air pump, 12 volt air pump, car air pump
  • T-Fal Camping Cookware Set - non stick Camp Cookware
  • Heavy Duty Campers Grid - portable steel grill, stainless steel grate grill
  • Folding Picnic Table Set - portable picnic table, picnic table price
  • ODOR OFF - steel soap, unique soap, bar of soap
  • Nail Clipper Knife Carabiner - Ear pick, cuticle pusher
  • Coperwood Folding Sports Chair - cooler bag chair
  • french press coffee maker - coffee mug press, coffee plunger
  • Canteens and Water Carriers

  • Wine Skins - wine flask
  • Aluminum Beverage Bottle - aluminum bottle water, water storage bottle
  • Scout Canteens (1 Quart Size) - camping canteen, lanyard water bottle, water canteen, tin canteen, water bottle sale
  • G.I. Military Style Canteens with Cover - army canteen, uso canteens, cheap water bottle
  • Sports Quart-er Insulated Canteens - portable water bottle, sport water bottle
  • Cool Insulated Safari Water Bottles - drinking water bottle, safe water bottle
  • 750 ml Chinook Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - hot water bottle, stainless steel water bottle
  • Hydra Cycle II Hydration Pack - hydration bike pack
  • Military Bladder Style Canteens - Military canteen, 2 liter water bottle
  • 1 Quart Vacuum Flasks - vacuum bottle
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum pot - vacuum coffee pot, vacuum pot, coffee air pots
  • Oasis Hydration Pack - hydration back pack
  • Wadi Hydration Packs - hydration backpack
  • Camp Cooking Accessories

  • 4 Slice Camp Stove Toaster - campfire cooking, camp fire cooking
  • Giant Roasting Safety Fork - hot dog cooking, Canada camping equipment
  • World Famous Stainless Steel Mountain Mugs - steel mug, steel coffee mug
  • Aluminum Fuel Bottle - fuel storage container, camping fuel holder
  • Miniature Folding Single Burner Camp Stoves - portable camp stove
  • Carbon Steel Sauce Pot - camp fire cooking, camp cooking
  • Small Carbon Steel Fry Pan - camping site, camping accessory
  • Large Carbon Steel Fry Pan - discount camping gear
  • 3 1/2 Quart Stew Pot with Lid - dutch oven sale, steel stew pot
  • 5 Wuart Stew Pot with Lid - dutch oven equipment, camping store
  • Stainless Steel Tea Kettle - stainless tea kettle, clean tea kettle
  • Butane Stove - portable butane stove
  • Perfectflow Coleman Propane Camp Stoves - propane camping stoves, coleman propane stoves, portable propane stoves
  • Tundra Three Person Cook Set - family camping gear, ontario canada camping gear for sale
  • Wilderness Round Hamburger Griller - hamburger grill, cheap camping gear
  • Cast iron Pie Iron - camping gear outlet
  • Square Pie Iron - camping cooking gear
  • Campers Grill & Lantern Tripod - camp fire grill, camp grill
  • Teflon® Family Camping Cook Set - teflon coating, teflon pan
  • Teflon® Pasta Camping Cook Sets - teflon fry pan, teflon pots, teflon camp cookware
  • Teflon® Family Pasta Camping Cook Set - teflon coating, teflon pasta pots
  • Heavy Duty Camp Grill - portable camping grill, camp fire grill
  • 9 Cup Stainless Seel Coffee Percolators - stove top coffee percolators
  • Compact Butane Stove - compact gas stove, portable camp stove
  • Outdoor Basics 2 Burner Camp Stove - portable propane stove, propane camping stove
  • Mess Kits and Chow Sets

  • Stainless Steel Chow Sets - fork knife and spoon, fork knife set, discount cutlery set
  • Stainless Steel NATO Style Chow Sets - military mess kit
  • Lightweight Aluminum Mess Kits - camping fork knife spoon
  • Teflon® Mess Kit - teflon frying pan, teflon cookware, camping cookware
  • Stainless Steel Mess Kits - stainless steel cutlery set, discount cutlery set
  • .
  • Four Person Mess Kits - 4 person mess kits
  • Back Packs

    Top quality internal and external frame backpacks for hiking and camping at discount surplus prices!

    Camping Kerosene Lanterns & Lights


    Sleeping Pads and Self-Inflating Mats

  • 3/8" × 20" × 56" Backpacker's Foam Sleeping Pads - child foam mat, camping foam pad
  • 3/8" × 20" × 70" Backpacker's Foam Sleeping Pads - foam buffing pad
  • 3/8" × 27" × 72" Backpacker's Foam Sleeping Pad - closed cell foam pad
  • Alaska 3/8" x 20" x 72" Backpacker's Foam Sleeping Pads - camp pads
  • Military Foam Pads - sleeping bag pad, cell closed foam padding
  • Canadian Military Surplus Self Inflating Mats - self inflating camping mats
  • Self Inflating Side Welded Camp Mat - self inflating camp pad, camping air mattress
  • Velour Top Single Air Mattress - inflatable air mattress
  • Velour Top Double Air Mattress - air mattress for sleep, air mattress pad
  • Self Inflating Side Welded Multi Mats - open cell foam sleeping pad
  • Self Inflating Mattress - cheap air mattress, best air mattress, discount air mattress
  • Hillary® Twin Bed Size Insta Bed Air Mattress - twin size air mattress
  • Folding Camp Cots

  • Camouflage Folding Cots - cot canada, cot bed
  • Aluminum Frame Folding Cots - cot sale, cheap cot, rugged cot
  • King Size Camp Cots - folding camp cots, folding camp cots, camping cots
  • Oversized Aluminum Cots - sleeping cot, big cot
  • Bug Wear

    Bug nets, bunk bug nets, head nets, “bug packer” jackets, insect repellant

    Outdoor Clothing & Hunting Gear

    Freeze Dried Camping Food

  • Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Pre Cooked Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - freeze dried breakfast
  • Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Chicken Teriyaki With Rice - freeze dried camping food
  • Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Chili Mac With Beef - freeze dried backpacking food
  • Double Portion Mountain House® Beef Stew - freeze dried food survival
  • Double Portion Mountain House® Chicken Stew - mountain house freeze dried food Canada
  • Bug Wear

    Bug nets, bunk bug nets, head nets, “bug packer” jackets, insect repellant
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