Deer Whistles For Cars

Deer whistles emit high frequency sound that can scare animals off the road!

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Each year there are over 1.5 million car-deer collisions in North America costing insurance companies over 1 billion dollars (Insurance Industry report, Nov. 4, 2003)

  • In the December 2001 issue of Car and Travel (an AAA publication), it was reported that the average estimated cost of repair after a deer collision is $2400.
  • The deer population has increased from 10 million in the 80s to about 35 million today!
  • In Ontario it is estimated that there are approx. 40 deer-vehicle collisions per day!
  • At approximately 1/1600th of the cost of a deer-vehicle collision, we often have insurance companies buy these and hand them out by the hundreds to their customers.
  • Save thousands of dollars in potential accident costs!
  • Avoid dangerous, painful, and expensive deer-vehicle accidents
  • Helps to stop killing animals
  • Small ultrasonic warning whistles attach to the front grill of your vehicle with double sided tape for quick & easy installation.
  • Emits a high frequency sound that the manufacturer claims will warn animals off the road up to 2 km away
  • YES, these things seem to work, and customers come back for more!
  • Deer whistles have been found to decrease deer-vehicle collisions (according to a 2002-2003 study by the County of Modoc in California).
  • One study by the Idaho Engineering and Environment Laboratory stated that in five years after installing deer whistles, the lab fleet had no accidents, compared to their average of 17 crashes per year beforehand .
  • There is ongoing debate on how effective this product is. However, if something that costs about as much as a cup of coffee can prevent just one accident, then why not try them?
  • Each package contains one pair of whistles
  • Bulk pricing available! Please contact us for large orders
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
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Deer Whistles For Cars
Deer Whistles For Cars
Deer Whistles For Cars
Deer Whistles For Cars