Bushline® Commando Sweaters

Heavy 100 percent acrylic ribbed knit sweaters

Stock #: 312334
  • Styled after the wool commando sweaters worn by SAS British special forces and RAF Spitfire Fighter and Bomber Crews (but much more comfortable and durable)
  • These are the sweaters of choice today for Paramedics, Police Tactical Units, Firemen, and other active outdoor individuals who need unrestricted flexibility of movement and also warmth in cold weather
  • Heavy-duty 100% acrylic (non-shrink) ribbed knit
  • Extra-long comfortable body prevents "ride-up”
  • Stretches up to 4 inches
  • Returns to original shape when not in use
  • Perfect for wearing under jackets due to its slim fit design
  • Adjustable turn-back cuffs
  • Twill patches for shoulder and elbow reinforcement
  • Complete with epaulets
  • Colors: Black, Green, and Navy Blue
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Brand new product!

Sizing Chart
Arm Length
(Armpit to end of cuff)
(armpit to armpit)
Neck to Waist Length
27 inches
23 inches
29 inches
26 inches
29-31 inches
23 inches
30-32 inches
26 inches
30-32 inches
22 inches
31-33 inches
28 inches
32-33 inches
23-1/2 inches
33-34 inches
29 inches
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Bushline® Commando Sweaters
Bushline® Commando Sweaters
Bushline® Commando Sweaters
Bushline® Commando Sweaters
Bushline® Commando Sweaters
Bushline® Commando Sweaters
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