Three Piece Inspection Tool Sets

Ideal for geology students

Stock #: 060488
If you are a student studying the environmental or earth sciences, then this inspection set is made for you. Able to hold anything down in its magnetic tray like ore, the mirror can be used to examine all parts of the stationary rock. The pointer has a magnetic tip, making it ideal for finding precious metals. Just imagine the possibilities!

Popular in automotive as you can use the mirror to look into tight spaces and the pick up tool to pick-up loose and bolts and screws!

Set Includes
  • Magnetic Tray 3 11/16-inches by 2 9/16-inches by 17/32-inches deep
    • Magnetic Pull Strength of 3-lbs
  • 25-inch Telescopic Magnetic pick-up pointing tool
    • Magnetic Pull Strength of 1.5-lbs
    • Collapsed Length of 5-inches
  • 19-inches Telescopic Inspection Mirror
    • Collapsed Length of 4 3/4-inches
    • Mirror Diameter of 2 1/4-inches
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

Three Piece Inspection Tool Sets
Three Piece Inspection Tool Sets
Three Piece Inspection Tool Sets