Sabre® 120dB Personal Alarms

Scare away weirdos! Can be heard by others up to 600 feet away!

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  • Check out this fact sheet on "The Urban Coyote" developed by the Upper Thames River Conservation society. They recommend carrying an audible alarm such as this Sabre Personal Alarm:
  • 120 dB siren is easily activated by pulling the device off its keychain
  • Attach to bags, keys or purse for easy access
  • Ideal for anyone who may have to travel alone
  • Perfect for kids walking home from school
  • Compact and portable safety & security
  • Can be used as part of a tripwire
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
Similar Sabre® personal alarms are selling at a Big Box store for $52.98!

Sabre® 120dB Personal Alarms
Sabre® 120dB Personal Alarms
Sabre® 120dB Personal Alarms
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