Himalayan Pink Salt Shakers

The healthiest and best-tasting salt in the world

Himalayan Pink Salt Shakers
Stock #: 269009
  • Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals and may contain up to 84 different minerals. The same minerals are also found inside our body and allow us to fully metabolize the salt.
  • Judged as the #1 best tasting salt in the world
  • Free of bleaches, preservatives and chemical additives
  • Contains no environmental pollutants
  • A non-GMO certified product
  • Can be used just like normal table salt to flavour foods or to be used in cooking
  • Contains approximately 500g (17.5oz) of salt
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegan certified
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
Benefits of Himalayan pink salt
  • May create electrolyte balance
  • May increase hydration
  • May prevent muscle cramping
  • May strengthen bones
  • May lower blood pressure
  • May improve blood circulation
  • May help intestines absorb nutrients
  • May dissolve and eliminate sediment to remove toxins
  • May help balance PH (reduce acid reflex)

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