iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light

Ridiculously powerful and portable 2-in-1 work light

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Before SMD LED technology previous LED and halogen work lights were big and bulky. Thanks to new SMD technology these compact lights pack the same amount of illumination as a full-size LED or halogen work light, yet are so compact and lightweight that they can fit perfectly in your pocket.

Chris Morgan of Scene Magazine reported in the July 2017 edition of Scene Magazine "Every camper knows that packing is of key importance when preparing for the great outdoors, so instead of my usual lamp and two flashlights, I took the i-Zoom 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light on a recent campout. Powerful and versatile, the i-Zoom did the trick - and then some. The brightness factor alone is worth the $7 price tag (similar LED devices can be found elsewhere in the $40 range!), but the camouflage-colored contraption is extremely user-friendly, even in the pitch black. One button switches between full illumination and a smaller directional light and a retractable hook makes hanging the light from the top of the tent simple (a small folding stand enables the light to stand freely, and it has a magnet on the back as well)."

  • 900 Lumens of illumination can be produced through the 60 SMD LEDs. Generates the same amount of illumination as a traditional 60 watt incandescent light bulb
  • 10 Lumens of illumination can be produced through the 4 LED mode
  • Dual use: Directional light for lighting specific areas and an area light for larger areas such as rooms and outdoors
  • In the 4 LED mode the light can be seen up to 5 meters away!
  • The power of a full-size work light with the portability of a flashlight!
  • Perfect for work, camping, hiking, in the garage, and around the house
  • Convenient and handy in case of emergencies. An essential for power outages, car breakdowns, or to have in your survival bug-out bag
  • Features a Swivel Hook, Folding Stand, and Magnet for ease of use
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Up to 4-hour battery life
  • A great addition to your toolkit, vehicle glove box, survival bug-out or everyday carry bags, or anywhere else that you might need a bright portable light
  • Weighs only 3.5 oz (98 g)!
  • Compact size at 4 3/4-inches x 2 1/4-inches x 1-inch
  • Very affordable!
  • Brand new product!
  • Classic, bulky full-size 900 Lumen LED work lights selling at a U.S. home improvement store for $50!
  • Selling online for $11.49 U.S.!

iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light
iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light
iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light
iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light
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