Ardex® Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bits

Designed for drilling through concrete, marble, brick, slate, patio stones, rock, and more

Stock #: 410071
  • Carbide-tipped masonry drill bits suitable for concrete, marble, brick, and slate
  • Available in sizes of 3/8-inch diameter (approximately 4 3/4-inches in length) and 5/16-inch diameter (approximately 4 5/8-inches in length)
  • Made of German steel
  • Made in West Germany
  • Bulk orders available!
  • One drill bit per package
  • Brand new, older product in manufacturer's packaging at a great price!

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Ardex® Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bits
Ardex® Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bits
Ardex® Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bits
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