7-Piece Vacuum Pen Set

Large capacity simple spring operation desoldering pump

7-Piece Vacuum Pen Set
7-Piece Vacuum Pen Set
7-Piece Vacuum Pen Set
7-Piece Vacuum Pen Set
Model # EL-VP6   SKU # 060513   

Durable, lightweight vacuum pen comes with the tools you need for soldering, jewelry-making, and other delicate projects. This set includes suction cups in various sizes and capacities so you can position IC SMD units, jewels, residue, dust, and other fine and fragile items with ease. We have also provided both straight and angled interchangeable tips for handling such components with even greater convenience.

Product Details
  • Designed to pick up globs of solder
  • Length of pen: 5 ¼-inches
  • Pen material: Aluminum alloy
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

Kit Includes
    Three Interchangeable Tips:
    • Straight tip
    • 40-degree tip
    • 30-degree tip
    Suction Cups:
    • 3mm Small cup — Capacity: 3 g (0.01 oz)
    • 7mm Medium cup — Capacity: 18 g (0.063 oz)
    • 10mm Large cup — Capacity: 40 g (1.40 oz)
  • Comes in a plastic storage box with protective foam insert
  1. Install a proper suction header on suction pen.
  2. Place the suction header onto the unit desired for pickup.
  3. Press button on the suction pen to let air out of the vacuum unit, then release the button to produce the vacuum suction force needed to pick up the unit.
  4. Place unit in the proper place, then press the button down to discharge air from the vacuum to release the unit from the suction header.