Cytac® Colt 1911 5-Inch Holster

Fits Colt 1911 5-inch, Girsan 1911 MC, Variants 1911

Stock #: 361130
  • Made of durable high-tech polymer materials
  • Made of durable high-tech polymer materials
  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Operation:-30℃ to 180℃
  • Storage: -40℃ to 200℃
  • The holster has a quick-release/quick-locking button that allows for quick draw of your airsoft pistol and automatic locking when your pistol is holstered
  • Rotates 360 degrees for every application(i.e. small of the back, cross draw) for ultimate versatility
  • Comfortable soft silicone paddle securely fits holster to belt
  • Fast and easy draw while still providing great retention
  • Cytac Colt 1911 5" airsoft holster has been tested and will fit:
    • SR1911
    • SRC HI-CAPA 5.1 SE
    • Xtreme 45
    • KWA 1911 MK IV PTP
    • EF 1911
    • WE HI CAPA 5.1 K (without Suppressor)
  • Brand new product!
  • Airsoft pistols sold separately

Cytac® Colt 1911 5-Inch Holster
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