Toastee™ Square Cast Iron Pie Irons/Campfire Cookers

Rugged cast iron construction

Toastee™ Square Cast Iron Pie Irons/Campfire Cookers
Model # 101705   SKU # 190010   

Camp Fire Cooking at its finest !!

    • Makes: hot sandwiches, pizza pies, grilled cheese
    • Cooks: fruit pies, pudgy pies, hot desserts
    • Fries: potatoes and eggs, hamburgers, camp treats
    • Grills: french toast, sausages, steak, sloppy joes
    • Bakes: rolls, pies. cornbread, biscuits
    • Toasts: s'mores, breads

    • Square cooking area great for grilled cheese and sandwiches
    • Cooking surface: 4-inches × 4-inches
    • 9-Inch wood handles keep hands cool while cooking
    • Length: 28-1/4-inches
    • Made from cast iron for even heating and long lasting durability
    • Locking hinge holds the two griller sides securely together
    • Brand new product!

    One of our camping experts showing off how to make tasty pizza sandwiches!