Exo-Pro® Body Armor™ Cold Weather Thermal Vest

Made of waterproof and windproof neoprene material

Stock #: 243941
A core body heat shield designed to be worn as a second or third layer. It can also be worn as an outer layer.

BODY ARMOR has been designed and engineered to protect your vital areas from the wind and cold. It keeps you warm and dry in the most extreme cold weather conditions, while still allowing total mobility and unrestricted movement.

  • Design allows for unrestricted movement
  • Can be worn under a jacket or over a sweater
  • Prevents the loss of core body heat
  • Easy-to-clean. Just rinse with warm water and air dry
  • Velcro closures for secure fit and adjustability
  • Colours: Black, Natural Camouflage (Photocamouflage 3D Xtreme), Blaze Orange
  • Not available during spring or summer
  • We can not accept returned underwear due to health safety regulations
  • Size: Large/XL (designed for men 150 to 240 pounds)
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
  • This product is selling on Amazon for $24.95!

This product is not available for online ordering.

Exo-Pro® Body Armor™ Cold Weather Thermal Vest
Exo-Pro® Body Armor™ Cold Weather Thermal Vest
Exo-Pro® Body Armor™ Cold Weather Thermal Vest
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