Craftsman® Acrylic Lined Cold Weather Gloves

Keep your hands protected while working in cold, brisk temperatures!

Stock #: 173730
The Acrylic Lined Cold Weather Glove keeps hands dry and warm thanks to its full latex waterproof coating and acrylic thermal lining. Designed with a black sandy foam latex palm, it provides an excellent grip in wet or dry applications.

Made from a lightweight and breathable 13 gauge nylon shell, this comfortable yet durable glove also features an elastic cuff for an easy slip-on fit. It can be used in numerous applications including cold weather tool use, shoveling and digging, landscaping, farming, and small power tool use.

  • Cold weather wear: Acrylic thermal lining keeps hands warm in cold conditions
  • Waterproof: Full latex waterproof coating keeps hands dry in wet conditions
  • Grip: Sandy foam latex palm provides excellent grip in wet or dry applications
  • Secure fit: An elastic cuff provides a comfortable and secure fit
  • Lightweight and breathable: Lightweight breathable material allows for long comfortable wearing
  • Brand new product!

Craftsman® Acrylic Lined Cold Weather Gloves
Craftsman® Acrylic Lined Cold Weather Gloves
Craftsman® Acrylic Lined Cold Weather Gloves
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