Happy Yak™ Shepherd's Pie

A true rendition of the French-Canadian classic!

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Pâté chinois, French for Shepherd's Pie, is an all-time favourite and classic of French Canadian culture, particularly in Québec. Made of sweet corn, a creamy potato puree, onions, spices and lean ground beef, sautéed to perfection, there’s really nothing like it. For some, ketchup is a must with Shepherd’s Pie. Two sachets of Heinz 57 Ketchup are included.


  • Keep some packages in your car and house so that you are prepared for storms and emergencies
  • Emergency food storage with an extended shelf life
  • Makes 1 serving at 350 ml, or 2 servings at 175 ml
  • Net weight per pouch: 118 g
  • Long-term food storage without the need for refrigeration
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Perfect for camping and backpacking
  • Ideal for college students and others who can't cook
  • Vacuum-packed packages take up less space
  • Weight is 60-90% less due to the freeze-drying process that removes 98% of water (Great for hikers!)
  • Easy to prepare. Ready in just minutes!
  • Proudly made in the Canada with premium ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Brand new product!
  • Ingredients: Freeze-Dried extra Lean Ground Beef (beef, onion, spices), Freeze-Dried Corn, Gravy (glucose solids, corn starch, hydrolysed corn protein, potato starch, garlic powder, sugar, caramel, yeast extract, onion powder, salt, tomato powder, spices), dehydrated onion flakes. POTATO MIX - Potato Flakes, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Spices.
  • Made in a factory where there are nut, peanuts, sesame, egg, fish, sea food, sulphites, mustard
  • The same product is selling online for $14.99!

Happy Yak™ Shepherd's Pie
Happy Yak™ Shepherd's Pie
Happy Yak™ Shepherd's Pie
Happy Yak™ Shepherd's Pie
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