Happy Yak™ Bengali Rice

Inspired by Happy Yak's travels to India!

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This vegetarian dish is bursting with colours and flavours! It includes crunchy pistachios, sweet aromas of curry and coriander, tender vegetables and rice, a unique and exotic combination. Enjoy it alone or as a side dish. There’s nothing like it!


  • Keep some packages in your car and house so that you are prepared for storms and emergencies
  • Emergency food storage with an extended shelf life
  • Makes 1 serving at 600 ml, or 2 servings at 300 ml
  • Net weight per pouch: 170 g
  • Long-term food storage without the need for refrigeration
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Perfect for camping and backpacking
  • Ideal for college students and others who can't cook
  • Vacuum-packed packages take up less space
  • Weight is 60-90% less due to the freeze-drying process that removes 98% of water (Great for hikers!)
  • Easy to prepare. Ready in just minutes!
  • Proudly made in the Canada with premium ingredients
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Brand new product!
  • Rice, Dehydrated Soy Proteins chunks, textured soy proteins, corn semola, oat flakes (gluten), wheat flour, onion flakes, spices, Pistachios, Beef Broth, hydrolyzed corn protein, glucose solids, potato starch, sugar, caramel (sulphites), yeast extract, onion powder, spices], Freeze-Dried Peas, freeze-Dried Shallots, Freeze-Dried Red Bell Pepper, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Vinegar Powder, Citric Acid.
  • Made in a factory where there are nut, peanuts, sesame, egg, fish, sea food, sulphites, mustard

Happy Yak™ Bengali Rice
Happy Yak™ Bengali Rice
Happy Yak™ Bengali Rice
Happy Yak™ Bengali Rice
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